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(dentistry) a filling consisting of a solid substance (as gold or porcelain) fitted to a cavity in a tooth and cemented into place

a decoration made by fitting pieces of wood into prepared slots in a surface

decorate the surface of by inserting wood, stone, and metal

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This unique construction allows complete garment knitting, multilayer knitting, complex in-lay and intarsia. The recognized Steiger's strengths as the take-down, the open carriage are optimized on the Taurus 2.170 XP.
A complete course of beautifully and profusely illustrated instruction under one cover, "Gradient Knits" features eye-catching yarns and 10 unique lessons on topics such as cabling, lace knitting, alternating stripes, thrumming, stranded colorwork, intarsia polka dots, modular knitting, German short rows, and simple knit and purl combinations--all using gradient yarns.
A double- breasted mink coat swarms in subtle herringbone intarsia. Bound seams on outerwear hint at inside constructions brought out.
"Romantic florals and intarsia were all over the runways" she says, also noting the trend's migration onto the red carpet.
Spalted wood has a long history of use in decorative arts and crafts, an example of which is the green-stained wood of Chlorociboria species in designs of intarsia during the Renaissance in Italy in the 15th century (Blanchette et al.
I particularly like the way Anna Wright uses such appropriate fabrics such as intarsia knitting for the sheep and pink watered taffeta for the flamingos, or feathers on the owls and peacocks.
Banks the Badger, peeping rabbits and padding paw intarsia's mix seamlessly with a fun all over wilderness forest print for babywear.
ON'S CATH KIDSTON' wool intarsia jumper is quite the style statement, PS85 ( IN CUSHION...
The lower part of the studiolo walls is covered by elaborate illusionistic wood paneling (intarsia) (5).
ON'S CATH KIDSTON' wool intarsia jumper is quite WITH Paper to Petal, PS16.99, by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell, with forward by Martha Stewart, Natural History Museum Shop ( the style statement, PS85 (
Another annoying aspect is the frequent introduction of specialized terminology--such as intarsia, Magic Loop, and steek--without including definitions.
Asi, consta que en 1719 el monasterio deshizo el contrato firmado por el II marques con el heredero de la casa a cambio de una compensacion economica, quedandose en su lugar los marmoles de colores, un frontal de intarsia con las armas del marques (Fig.
The AW13 pieces encompass all of the key trends seen on the catwalks this season, from tapestry prints to tartan checks, the coatigan and animal intarsia knitwear.
Knitwear is boiled and bright in yellows and fuscias with abstract intarsia Ohms while belted cardigans with contrast shawls are worn with richly toned drill cotton double pleat pants tucked into hiking socks and worn with sandals.Parkas again are key and are worn fastened or pulled over-head.
It is the first modern survey of Renaissance intarsia work.