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a valve that controls the flow of fluid through an intake

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On the other hand, when engine output is high, such as when the car is driving at a high speed, the intake valve is closed at the beginning of the compression stroke to maximise the amount of air used for the explosion, enhancing torque to improve acceleration.
The mass flow rate performance of the intake valve and exhaust valve showed in Figs.
Based on the authors' knowledge, in the current literature, a model able to simultaneously and properly reproduce both the engine operating parameters, including the intake valve strategy (EIVC, conventional Full Lift (FL) and LIVC), and the engine geometrical parameters is still missing.
The intake valve of a high mileage car using low-quality fuel.
Glossy deposits were predominantly formed along the intake valve outskirt facing the injector spray compared to the back side of a valve stem.
Control of the intake valve provides optimal filling of the cylinder at all engine speeds.
The controller, tank, intake valve, and outflow valve can be thought of as the LRU's in this system.
In this study, the valve diameters were [d.sub.ev] = 30.52 mm for the exhaust valve and [d.sub.iv] = 36.24 mm for the intake valve.
The variable intake valve techniques have the potential to be widely used in internal combustion engines to reduce energy losses and fuel consumption [12-17].
Chevrolet expects its new flagship sedan to be more fuel efficient, due in part to the 2.5L engine's Intake Valve Lift Control technology.
According to the report, teardowns of the damaged engines showed such problems as uneven wear and pitting of the intake valve seats, widened exhaust valve seats, and valve lash degradation.
The new 4J10 MIVEC engine (1.8-liter, inline 4, 16-valve SOHC) features the use of a next-generation MIVEC system that continuously regulates intake valve lift, opening duration and timing.
The new operator station consists of an intake valve and suction filter manufactured entirely in-house by AMAZONE and until now exclusive to the UX.
To add fuel, just buy a can of butane ($3) at a home center and squirt it through the tiny intake valve in the lighter's handle.
The aeroplane's takeoff from Madrid's Barajas airport had been initially delayed because of a mechanical problem with what the airline called an air intake valve near the cockpit.