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a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plate

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In Asia, Hong Kong's currency has three of the hallmark features typically seen: intaglio printing, different sizes and different colors.
Intaglio printing utilizes images engraved in metal which transfer ink to substrates under extremely high pressure.
This influencing factor being an another proof for applying intaglio printing instead of its imitation also influences strength features of the banknote substrate to be printed [2].
6 Intaglio Printing: The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, the Reserve Bank seal and aeek hazaar rupiye' are printed in the intaglio (raised ink), which can be felt by touch.
These artists have displayed 25 paintings in mixed media, cynotype, screen print, intaglio printing and gouche on Vasli.This exhibition reflects the multitalented diversity that young graduates possess in terms of concept, creativity and execution, says Alia Bilgrami, Curator of the gallery.
Intaglio printing goes back 500 years, the name coming from the Italian word for incising or engraving.
She says: "I worked on these at the Regional Print Centre in Wrexham using intaglio printing techniques and the chine colle process of applying colour." They are shown here for the first time alongside drawings of whisks, spoons and ladles, some of which have been at the Liverpool Conservation Centre for the last two years.
However, after a short period, Norges Bank procured new equipment and all colour printing was gradually transferred to Trondheim, while the intaglio printing for this series continued to take place in London.
currency's unique banknote paper, combined with its raised surface created by intaglio printing, were the essential ingredients for notes to have the correct "feel" of U.S.
The exhibition is organized by medium, beginning with the artist's exploration of various forms of intaglio printing. "Keith/Mezzotint" (1972), the artist's first print after graduate school, demonstrates the grid system he used to construct the pieces, since he allowed the grids to remain visible in the prints.
Some of the security features include:l FEEL: All the notes have raised printing (known as intaglio printing) over various areas on the front of the note.
They include intaglio printing on mold-made cotton-fiber paper with a dark-lined security thread and multicolor litho backgrounds with ornamental bands or guilloche rulings.
Paper money is made by Intaglio printing, which is very hard to counterfeit (copy).
(If the book had been issued as a print, it might have been classified as "mixed media with hand coloring.") Crown Point is particularly known for the quality of its intaglio printing, but it also offers expertise in photogravure, monotype, and, on occasion, woodcut.
"From a materials standpoint, even surviving the intaglio printing process puts the substrate through a rigorous test.