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a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plate

glyptic art consisting of a sunken or depressed engraving or carving on a stone or gem (as opposed to cameo)


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In Asia, Hong Kong's currency has three of the hallmark features typically seen: intaglio printing, different sizes and different colors.
The top lot was an unusually large (3.4cm long) Roman black chalcedony intaglio portrait of Antinous which has been hailed as the finest surviving portrait, in any medium, of the Emperor Hadrian's beautiful young favourite (Fig.
(7) INTAGLIO. I was introduced to Intaglio printing in upper high school, close to college.
On the upper right corner of the note, the original silver filigree foil has been replaced with the so-called "intaglio overprint."
Luminescence manufactures security inks suitable for offset, intaglio, flexo, gravure, screen, numbering and inkjet processes and security threads.
Eliz go ca Gin 2 p mp | Elizabeth Gage, 18ct yellow gold brooch, pictured left, carved green beryl of The Green Man, rock crystal intaglio of a snowflake below, pearls either side of a gold myrtle leaf motif.
In addition to the use of holograms, the physical specifications also included the use of paper and /or special substrates, variable printing systems with registration enhancement and multi-coloured intaglio.
Roman finger rings usually have either a flat metal bezel or an inset convex polished stone, known as a cabochon, decorated with an engraved design, called an intaglio.
A Roman circular gold pendant with fine rope-work decoration set with an orange carnelian intaglio featuring Liber, the god of wine, fertility and freedom
Caption: Composite, 2012 (11,24.12) Intaglio print, mixed media on paper 18 1/4" by 24 1/2"
VeriTrack is now offering a multilayered intaglio tamper indication high-security void label.
The new security features such as the Intaglio secure printing technology are in line with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Technology (ICAO) of the United Nations.
The new tactile features will be engraved in bleed-off intaglio printing on the edge of the banknote's short sides.
The banknotes will include new tactile features fengraved in bleed-off intaglio printing on the edge of the banknotes' short sides.
It contains a light red oval intaglio that is engraved with a nude human figure holding a helmet in the right hand and another object (perhaps a mace) in the left hand.