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the state of being unimpaired

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After opening the cap and label, and subsequently reading the NFC chip once more, patients receive a warning on their smartphones that indicates whether the product was previously opened and/or tampered with, enabling them to check the intactness of their injection aids from anywhere at any time.
single pairs ail: ache attenuate: thin benign: gentle brotherhood: fraternity buoy: beacon (figurative) capture: catch condone: pardon contend: maintain denial: negativity genre: kind gradual: progressive grotto: crypt handle: manage higgledy-piggledy: haywire homology: sameness implemented: accomplished incident: occasion instead: as substitute integrity: intactness juvenile: youth mangle: maim mellow: mild ornery: insubordinate painting: picture pen: feather quill prison: penitentiary protract: drag push: propel right: corrct scratch: grate shovel: scoop shorten: curtail sustained: continued taciturn: reticent tame: domesticated tenor: toner (anagram) unguent: ointment verbose: wordy vice: wickedness violin: fiddle wardrobe: garments wick: village widowed: vidual zest: gusto 2b.
This result indicated that the R745A mutation did not alter Sema3C integrity (solubility and intactness) and its secretion to the growth medium.
Through indicators such as the LPI, provided by the Zoological Society of London, the Species Habitat Index, the IUCN Red List Index and the Biodiversity Intactness Index, as well as Planetary Boundaries and the Ecological Footprint, the report paints a singular disturbing picture: human activity is pushing the planet's natural systems that support life on earth to the edge.
Through indicators such as the Living Planet Index (LPI), provided by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the Species Habitat Index (SHI), the IUCN Red List Index (RLI) and the Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII), as well as Planetary Boundaries and the Ecological Footprint, the report paints a singular disturbing picture: human activity is pushing the planet's natural systems that support life on Earth to the edge.
At last Saturday's march for wildlife, attended by thousands, I learnt that out of 218 countries assessed for biodiversity intactness the UK is ranked 189 and that 15% of our species are threatened with extinction!
Forced to defer her traumatic experience in the absence of any possible framework through which she could process these events, Julia is left with but one option, "a strategy of undoing, in fantasy, the need for mourning by simulating a condition of intactness" (Santner 143-44).
On macroscopic examination, the presence of dilatation and perforation, maximum diameter of the specimen, surgical border, and presence of mucin and on microscopic examination, the level of architectural and cytologic atypia, intactness of the muscularis mucosa, submucosal fibrosis, hyalinization, presence of atrophy in the lymphoid tissue, presence of invasion pushing toward the appendiceal wall, desmoplasia, and presence of single cell invasion were examined by the same pathological experts, who then reached a consensus (Tables 3A, 3B).
The absence of about 20 members-elect in the meeting, despite strict instructions to show up as a mark of party's internal strength and intactness, tells a lot about PML-N's struggle to survive the storm brought in by the PTI's success.
If mishandled, the intactness of these products can be compromised by temperature changes during transportation.
It was then clear that the effects of food were dependent on phytonutrients as well as the accepted macro- and micro-nutrients, that this was physiological and that the intactness of foods mattered for health.
We believe the diminished FA values resulted from edema within the white matter tract from ischemia; the intactness of the fiber tracts on tractography prove that the macro-structural integrity of the nerve fiber tracts was not breached by the patient's neck trauma.
GEA OxyCheck the unique in-line system from GEA for monitoring the quality of remaining oxygen content and the intactness of MAP packaging
Intactness of urinary bladder was accessed by passing a suitable sized polyethylene tube into the bladder and checked its patency for urine flow.
To make sure the intactness of the stored data in the remote server, the patients or healthcare service providers expect that the stored data integrality can be periodically checked to avoid the damage of the stored data.