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Synonyms for insusceptible

not capable of being affected or impressed

having the capacity to withstand

Synonyms for insusceptible

not susceptible to

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It is also the world's first fully KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency, and one of few blockchains that is insusceptible to 51% attack.
* Enterobacteriaceae (other than Proteus/Providencia/ Morganella), Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter that are insusceptible to polymixin/colistin absolutely need further confirmation.
Roose et al (22) reported that the resistance of antibiotics evolved by pathogens is a serious medical problem because of very fast turn over and wide spread of mutants strains, insusceptible of medical treatment by antibacterial agents.
tuberculosis and HIV together debilitate the insusceptible framework by diminishing CD4+ T lymphocytes and lessening the host survival [14].
Esta noche puede evocar, al menos en principio, la noche romantica, el Ungrund que Schelling hereda de Bohme, el lugar demoniaco en que los contrarios se funden y se separan segun una medida que solo el silencio de los origenes podria representar si fuera representable, lo que equivale a decir: si cada cosa esta habitada por su contrario y no es posible establecer ninguna sintesis que sea su ley, es porque, en definitiva, los contrarios no son verdaderamente contrarios y nombrar las cosas asi, es una manera desesperada de reconocer que, mas alla de la supuesta ambiguedad que mantiene a los contrarios en suspenso, impera un caos salvaje, insusceptible de disciplina, aunque a la postre fuera la causa de disciplina tanto como de indisciplina.
In this case and in Trolley (Landslide) if the bystander takes option (ii), the prevention event is the event involving the potential victims whereby they are rendered insusceptible to the harm.
(29-31) In 2004, AI researchers went through great lengths to detail the difficulties of replicating human perception, asserting that driving in traffic would remain insusceptible to automation.
[4] Increasing multidrug resistance in bacterial uropathogens is an important and emerging public health problem because of their characteristic of very fast rise and spread of mutant strains and hence these are insusceptible to medical treatment.
Originating from an encrypted digital platform, these barcodes are expected to be insusceptible to counterfeiting and will provide details of the production date, location, batch number, and manufacturer of the pharmaceutical product.
Gore is insusceptible of principled application; accordingly, I do not feel justified in giving the case stare decisis effect."); BMW' of N.
a constitutional doctrine adopted by the Court is not only mistaken but also insusceptible of principled application, I do not feel bound to give it stare decisis effect--indeed, I do not feel justified in doing so." (107)
As an example, when he concluded that the future cannot be predicted, what he actually said was "the future is insusceptible to divination." (page 156) Please ignore the writing style.
Isolates with tigecycline MIC of >1mg/L were considered insusceptible to this drug [16].
1987), the Court of Claims and Sixth Circuit, respectively, allowed TPT credits for transferee spouse's income interest in sprinkle trusts (attacked by the IRS for being insusceptible to valuation) because state law and a testatorial intent to primarily maintain the transferee spouse were found to impliedly immunize a portion of trust corpus from invasion; in these cases, the transferee spouse's actuarial factor was multiplied by the value of the corpus not subject to invasion.