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Synonyms for insusceptible

not capable of being affected or impressed

having the capacity to withstand

Synonyms for insusceptible

not susceptible to

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a constitutional doctrine adopted by the Court is not only mistaken but also insusceptible of principled application, I do not feel bound to give it stare decisis effect--indeed, I do not feel justified in doing so.
614, 633 (1985) (noting that courts cannot claim that certain matters are "inherently insusceptible to resolution by arbitration, as these same courts have agreed that an undertaking to arbitrate .
POTENTIALLY VIOLENT TENSIONS OR ONGOING VIOLENCE ARE INCREASINGLY insusceptible to one-time external mediation or local conflict resolution as:
Traders shifted their funds into the gold market as gold is insusceptible to price fluctuations, amid growing fears of inflation in the wake
This opening paean connects these institutions specifically to the "Poet," who "entreats that servants may abound / Of those pure altars worthy; ministers / Detached from pleasure, to the love of gain / Superior, insusceptible of pride" (6:42-46).
lack an unqualified ability to render their discoveries insusceptible to
Kawasaki, Japan, Feb 10, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Fujitsu Laboratories Limited and the University of Toronto today announced that they have jointly developed the world's first high-reliability read-method for use with spin-torque-transfer (STT) MRAM(1) that is insusceptible to erroneous writes.
As the evening was winding down, I summed up to my fellow huddlers that Israel was insusceptible to compromise, diplomacy, coexistence, passive resistance, and certainly to full recognition of Palestinian rights.
There must be also emphasised two other important features of the Portuguese financial support's framework: (i) Financial contributions may only be granted exclusively for the purposes envisaged and are insusceptible of judicial apprehension or any onus; (ii) Sports clubs which compete in competitions of professional nature can not receive from the State any kind of financial contributions except in the case of the organisation of sport competitions with public interest or in the case of construction and improvement of sport infrastructures or sport equipments.
For him, the Kingdom of God is expressly such a sterile field where pure forgiveness remains insusceptible to the contagion of the economic.
Apparently insusceptible to the cosmetic scalpel - she recently appeared in plastic surgery drama Nip/Tuck playing an anti-surgery press agent - Hutton, with her glossy locks, sunkissed skin and gap-toothed smile, does not just look incredible for 64, she just looks incredible.
In addition to this primary referent Aristotle identifies that in virtue of which some item can be acted on and changed by another (1046a11-12) and that in virtue of which some item is insusceptible to being changed for the worse by another (1046a13-14).