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Synonyms for insusceptibility

the capacity to withstand

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This ' intrinsic insusceptibility' is as a result of the failure of the biocide to achieve sufficiently high concentrations at the target site to exert its lethal effect (24).
As is well known, the most important performance of FSS is insusceptibility to changes of polarization state, insensitivity of incidence angle and stability of bandwidth.
Insusceptibility of members of the class Mollicutes to rifampin: studies of the Spiroplasma citri RNA polymerase [beta]-subunit gene.
Although hunting is distorted by war--human hunting human--gathering is emphatically not, and the contrast sets up a subtle but crucial touchstone that will prove important as the novel progresses; gathering's insusceptibility to war depends on its belonging to pre-civilized culture.
They offer some possible explanations to the situation to include delayed initiation of sex and later age at marriage, postpartum insusceptibility due to prolonged breastfeeding and postpartum abstinence and induced abortion which is commonly practiced.
Their metaphysical character, which justifies us labelling them as 'things' to mark their insusceptibility to analysis as 'events' or 'experiences', lies in their persistence and transfactual activity" (RTS 226); "The class of 'things' is far wider than that of 'material objects': it includes fluids, gases, electronic structures, fields of potentials, genetic codes, etc.; so we must try to divest the concept of its normal material object connotations" (ibid 98-9).
With what glibness, what insusceptibility, did they discharge their weapons in the direction of your car?