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the principle of revolt against constituted authority

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While there is no doubt that insurrectionism was reaching its height in the 1880s and early 1890s, and that it had an important impact on the Black International, Messer-Kruse barely notes (see p.
The failure of insurrectionism meant that the opposition to Arroyo began to focus on the May 2010 election.
In turn, Palme Dutt, it has been suggested, saw in the mass action in Kashmir a potential model for left campaigns, midway between insurrectionism and the restraint advocated by Nehru's Indian National Congress.
Levine suggests that at this time Delany was "despairing at the hope of finding a commercial publisher for a novel of black insurrectionism" (Identity 178-79).
Over the years, they had three major wars with Pakistan, several quasi wars with China, domestic insurrectionism and the period of emergency under Indira Gandhi.
The anarchy of Romantic and avangardist practices is therefore intimately connected, according to Ranciere, with a certain kind of political insurrectionism. It is thanks to the revendication of a radical democracy that the singular occupies the center stage in Romantic and post-Romantic art, and that the absolute "equality" of subject-matter can be revendicated by artists and political activists alike.