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of or relating to or given to insurrection

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It shows that irregular warfare is combat with the use of violence between state and non-state actors, but unconventional warfare can be waged in order to support unconventional conflicts (state against state) or insurrectional operations.
In Jerry's view, the ongoing practice of (re)composing the collective, as a form of maintenance, is as important to the survival of structurally marginalized peoples as insurrectional practices more commonly associated with politics and citizenship.
A colonel and a lieutenant colonel were sentenced to death in absentia for "organising or taking part in an insurrectional movement," Colonel Freddy Mukendi, first president of the Bukavu court, told AFP.
Critical pedagogy generally "brings into the arena of schooling practices insurgent, resistant, and insurrectional modes of interpretation which set out to imperil the familiar, to contest the legitimating norms of mainstream social life and to render problematic the common discursive frames and regimes within which 'proper' behavior, comportment, and social interactions are premised" (McLaren, 1995, p.
Thus he attributes to the witticism an insurrectional function already postulated in the preceding elaboration of the link between verbal humour and power.
(87.) The International Law Commission seems to have admitted this possibility in its commentary on Article 10 of the Draft Articles on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts: "A further possibility is that the insurrectional movement may itself be held responsible for its own conduct under international law, for example for a breach of international humanitarian law committed by its forces." See UN International Law Commission, Report on the Work of Its Fifty-Third Session (23 April-1 June and 2 July-10 August 2001), 52,
The manic antagonism that drives his practice is steeped in a melancholic vision of the way contemporary culture absorbs and neutralizes any insurrectional desire almost instantly.
How to deal with the insurrectional war is the strategic question of the 21st century?
Is there a connection between the endless series of seemingly disparate criminal incidents and markers openly displayed in insurrectional riots and demonstrations--keffiyeh face masks, Hezbollah flags, intifada slogans, Islamic chants?
By forcing Pak Army to fight US war on terror, the US not only pitched Muslims against Muslims of common nationality but also embroiled the Army in an insurrectional war in the tribal belt along western border.
For the next 30 years, Castro pursued close relations with the Soviet Union and worked to advance the geopolitical goals of the Soviet Union, funding and fomenting violent subversive and insurrectional activities and participating in foreign interventions until the demise of the U.S.S.R.
The heterodox left's fascination with insurrectional violence is well documented; Antliff's Avant-Garde Fascism levels its keen analytical eye upon the under represented reflections on violence that circulated among interwar French fascists.
(41) Amnesty is "an act of sovereign power designed to apply the principle of tabula rasa to past offences, usually committed against the State, in order to end proceedings already initiated or that are to be initiated, or verdicts that have already been pronounced." (42) As amnesties have become increasingly absent in international peace agreements and inter-state wars occur with less frequency, (43) current amnesties are more often used to end civil wars, insurrectional war, and domestic political disturbances.