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Synonyms for insurgent

Synonyms for insurgent

participating in open revolt against a government or ruling authority

Synonyms for insurgent

a person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority (especially in the hope of improving conditions)

a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

in opposition to a civil authority or government

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According to Clarke and Newman the principal value of these techniques is to increase the repertoire of possible interventions used to reduce specific forms of insurgent violence and crime.
Irish Guardsman Lewis Wilby, from Neston, was weighed down by more than 60lbs of kit when he spotted the insurgent laying improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the village of Rahim Kalay, in the Upper Gereshk Valley, Afghanistan.
KABUL: NATO said it had killed at least 15 insurgents in an air strike in northeast Afghanistan on Friday.
Supported by Apache attack helicopters and unmanned drones, the soldiers from 3 Scots touched down in an area known to be one of the biggest insurgent strongholds in Afghanistan.
The show of force came after US pilots strafed suspected insurgent positions in the first air attacks since the launch of the Iraqi-led clampdown on Shia insurgents which has sparked violence across Iraq.
It aids insurgent propaganda by providing a real error to exploit and can alienate segments of the populace, particularly the individuals wrongly detained, their families, friends, and neighbors.
The incident occurred about 12.30am local time when a joint US-Iraqi force was patrolling a neighbourhood in the southern part of the Shiite slum, searching for an insurgent cell suspected of smuggling weapons.
But those last two are hard to achieve when insurgent forces are doing their best to kill those who want to see it happen.
He cited an incident where an identified insurgent was riding a donkey.
inclusion in an international scheme to regulate ammunition and ban firearms transfers to insurgents (so the United States can continue arming insurgent groups), he lauded plans for worldwide controls on gun sales.
The operation disrupted insurgent activity along the northern and southern banks of the Euphrates River near Ubaydi.
For instance, several insurgent groups have already sent out feelers for a negotiated settlement with the Iraqi government.
While many Buddhist Thais in the south welcomed this military intervention, most Muslim southerners, who were not targets of insurgent attacks, were further inflamed by the deployment.
Armed with that information, Iraqi and Coalition security forces swooped in within hours and arrested an insurgent who is still wondering how we knew.