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Synonyms for insurgence

organized opposition intended to change or overthrow existing authority

Synonyms for insurgence

an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict

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Commenting, Adam Graham, TMG CEO, said,Creative Insurgence specialises in lifestyle marketing for bars, clubs and restaurants.
The organizations that struggled to impose their agendas, intentionally or unwittingly, helped to contain the effervescence of the insurgence.
CONCLUSION: Though maggots insurgence is not considered to be a threat to colostomy site but in view of tropical country like India where the flies population is rampant it is wiser to include its counseling in stoma care and the clinician should consider it as one of the possible differential diagnosis particularly in a case of colostomy presenting with local pain and discomfort.
Another woodlander, Podophyllum hexandrum exemplifies the insurgence of spring.
This is why there is an insurgence of hot food in our day-to-day cooking.
SIR - For the past 13 years we in the Glyncorrwg Action Group have successfully campaigned against the insurgence of wind farms in our area.
A great insurgence of new life in our deer herd, however, brings with it a new set of problems, too.
His compelling reading argues that this scene, set in a machine room, combines the terror of entropic breakdown permeating the earlier novels with their representations of failed class insurgence.
The committee was briefed on the overall security situation of the country and especially insurgence in Balochistan.
The scholars stressed that the Union's calls for insurgence made its members the scholars of real sedition and instigation to kill , adding that the call contradicts the religion's calls to face sedition.
Visiongain's analysis of Huawei's growth in this market and insurgence into other related markets, such as mobile devices and tablet PCs provides a clear picture through to 2016.
An introduction presents a way beyond classical social movement theory to view the recent insurgence in the region.
This may give rise to more and more insurgence of Indian, Korean and Chinese companies, giving tough competition to the local industry.
The $15,000 film's $193 million worldwide gross helped convince the studio to launch the Paramount Insurgence division for microbudgeted indie releases.