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a person whose interests are protected by an insurance policy

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Old-age grant is paid in lump sum equal to one month's average wages of the insured person for every completed year of insurable employment.
m) Annual score--the number of points achieved by the insured person during a calendar year, obtained by dividing to 12, the sum of monthly scores;
The policy excludes dishonest, criminal or fraudulent acts committed by an insured person or named insured.
Injury or Sickness: Paid as cash benefits to the insured person who stays in the hospital from 1 day in the rate of 200 baht per day but not exceed 30 days per year.
In the public system, the insured persons receive medical leave and allowance for temporary work incapacity, if they prove temporary working inability on the basis of a medical certificate, issued in accordance with the regulations in force.
In this case, the insured person himself altered the amounts of bills by adding some figures in the bills i.
The cover limits also range from PS100 to PS5,200 per insured person but on average the level of cover provided for hired equipment is less at PS421.
a child who is infirm by reason of any physical or mental abnormality or injury and is wholly dependant on the earnings of the insured person, so long as the infirmity continues;
An insured person who received a monthly salary of Dh20,000 for ten years and Dh40,000 for another ten years would have subscribed Dh360,000 at the rate of five per cent of his monthly salary.
All insurance policies provide immediate financial help to the policyholders at the time accident or loss of life of an insured person.
It consists in the fact that each insured person, regardless of the size of his contribution, receives the same medical care.
Basically, the D&O policy is designed to cover a claim--defined as a demand for monetary or non-monetary relief resulting from an alleged wrongful act (a negligent act, error or omission) committed by an insured person (a director, officer).
ESOP Select can deploy up to $100 million per insured person of disability protection, which can protect ESOP debt or repurchase obligations should a key shareholder become seriously disabled.
The term of the plan is chosen by the client and could provide protection until the youngest child reaches the age of independence, until their education ends, or possibly until the insured person reaches retirement age.
Insured persons also get old-age grant as an insured person upon attaining superannuation age, but does not posses the minimum threshold for pension while their family can get survivor's pension in case an insured person is expired.