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a person whose interests are protected by an insurance policy

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There are two categories of insured persons - Category 1 Insured Persons (Primary Insured Persons - aged 65 or over) and Category 2 Insured Persons (Secondary Insured Persons - aged 40-64).
In the situation where errors are found in the content of the statements, regardless of the causes thereof, and / or changes in the data on which the contribution period length and average annual score of insured person are established, individuals or legal entities are obliged to submit a nominal insurance statement to correct the above.
The policy excludes dishonest, criminal or fraudulent acts committed by an insured person or named insured.
According to EOBI Statistics on April 30, 2014 registered employers are 99,474 in which 66,330 are active and 29,255 has closed while 3,889 de-registered, 5,631,648 Insured persons were registered and IPS excluding pensioners were 4,929,248,The persons received benefits/pension are Old-Age 322,310 and Survivor,148,982.
In this case, the insured person himself altered the amounts of bills by adding some figures in the bills i.e.
v Chia-I Lung, 131 Misc 2d 586, 587 (1986) (the court observed that the parties agreed that if the decedent were declared to be an "insured person" under the policy, a wrongful death claim would be barred by an exclusion for damages arising from bodily injury to an insured).
* in case the insured person is unmarried and his or her/parents are not alive, a minor brother or sister dependent upon the earnings of the insured person.
D&O policies contain a specific exclusion for claims made by one insured person or entity against another insured person or entity.
Characteristics of insured persons were 1) sex, 2) age group and 3) class of insured person (employment assistance recipients, seniors aged 65 and over, "other" plan participants).
But, he doesn't mind to having health insurance in condition that the premium is paid back entirely to the insured person.
A preneed insurance policy is a life insurance policy, certificate, or combination of agreements/contracts that guarantee a number of goods and/or services at the time of or immediately after the death of the insured person. The types of goods and services that the preneed insurance policy covers include, for example, "embalming, cremation, body preparation, viewing or visitation, coffin or urn, memorial stone, and transportation of the deceased." The director of the department's Division of Insurance has the authority to determine which policies and/or certificates are similar to preneed insurance contracts.
A common exclusion bars coverage "for any deliberately fraudulent act or omission or any willful violation of any statute of regulation if a judgment or other Final adjudication adverse to such Insured Person establishes that such Insured Person committed such an act, omission, or willful violation ..." Fraud, In this form, must be "established" by a "judgment or other final adjudication."
Insured Person shall have the meaning ascribed to it in each Coverage Section,
It also notes that data transmitted by member state administrations should not be excessive in relation to what is needed to guarantee, in each individual case, the rights or obligations of the insured person ( proportionality principle').
Other expenses can include interest on loans to pay ransom money, rewards, travel expenses, salary payments to the victim, medical expenses paid to the insured person after an insured event, recall expenses related to threats of product tampering and business-interruption loss.