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* Gage the performance of the top pet insurance underwriters in terms of their GWP.
The ACE Group of insurance and reinsurance companies, headed by ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE), reported today the appointment of Lauretta Alberti as senior environmental insurance underwriter for the Benelux and Nordic region.
Kusumi had been president and chief executive officer for personal lines of the Maryland Heights, Mo.-based GMAC Insurance Holdings Ltd., General Motors Corp.'s automobile insurance underwriter.
INSURANCE underwriter Dave Bass was never at risk of losing first place in the Lancashire winter league practice open once he changed to caster.
Judith Farrier, 47, insurance underwriter, Fawdon: I don't think garages should be allowed to sell it but it's wrong that people take advantage.
Technology is vital to the insurance underwriter's job.
Norwich Union insurance underwriter Linda Riley claims the firm was at fault when she fell and sustained an injury at its Perth office.
The 2005 Operational Excellence Award, which is issued by the aviation insurance underwriter AIG Aviation, has been won by Mesaba Airlines.
of Houston, a title insurance underwriter affiliate of Stewart Title's parent company, Stewart Information Services Corp.
We're one of the biggest industries in Ontario besides them," says Cam Rosa, an insurance underwriter with the Thunder Bay-based Superior Group Insurance, a company that deals with forest operators.
MEPs have decided to call the European Commission to task over the way it handled the Lloyd's of London investigation, which considered whether or not the British Government failed to properly regulate the insurance underwriter during the 1980s and early 1990s (as it is required to do so under Directive 73/239/EEC).
How Lloyd's fell--from the world's most respected insurance underwriter in 1980 to the blundering scapegrace we see today--is the subject of Risky Business: An Insider's Account of the Disaster at Lloyd's of London by Martin Mayer and Elizabeth Luessenhop.
is a specialty, niche-focused commercial insurance underwriter and insurance administration services provider within the P/C insurance industry.
If you were an insurance underwriter, what factors would you examine that would differentiate one risk from another?