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payment for insurance


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In addition to fines and other fees, the average driver convicted of a DUI will see his or her car insurance premium jump 76.
This is great news for law-abiding motorists who are currently paying Au15 - Au30 extra every year in their motor insurance premium to cover the cost of uninsured drivers.
CAR insurance premiums have plunged at a record rate of 12% year-on-year amid a tougher clampdown to combat bogus motor accident claims which add to the costs of everyone's policies.
The higher minimum wages will also buoy the minimum national health insurance premium, said the Bureau of National Health Insurance.
North America insurance premium accounted from nearly ~% of the GDP of USD ~ billion in 2009.
Bill Lynes, the Chief Administrative Office's compensation division chief, said that each year health insurance premiums for employees generally go up, along with the county's contributions to its employees' health and dental insurance plans.
Claims that car insurance premiums have been substantially rising over the past year have been dismissed by the AA, Britain's biggest independent car and home insurance broker.
After the purchase of a tax insurance policy for $220 million face value, the insurance premium for $10 million is shown on the income statement as a current expense.
The Food and Drink Federation has added its voice to a furore over spiralling insurance premiums after surveying its members.
And there's also the prospect of an insurance premium price war as Egg attacks the market.
It can involve employers who buy no workers comp insurance policies and, therefore, pay no workers comp insurance premiums at all, or it can involve employers who buy policies but lower the cost of their premiums in fraudulent ways.
Reed says his company currently pays the insurance premiums for its 13 employees.
These Affordable Care Act grants will be used to help improve the oversight of proposed health insurance premium increases, take action against insurers seeking unreasonable rate hikes, and ensure consumers receive value for their premium dollars.
Figure 3-1: Insurance Premium (Billion SAR), 2007-2012
The insured also assigns any unearned insurance premium refund to the premium finance company as security, said spokesman Ron Sommer of Mellon Corporate Affairs.
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