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written contract or certificate of insurance

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For this purpose, any Loss or Damage by Explosion, as mentioned afore, shall be deemed to be Loss or Damage as if caused by Fire within the meaning of the Fire Insurance Policy.
At the first hearing before the Qatar Court of First Instance, the defendant pleaded that the case should be dismissed and referred to arbitration, because the insurance policy contained an arbitration clause.
1 this year, the Insurance Bureau has cut the rate by two basic units from the normal level for liabilities reserve funds for wholesale insurance policy with insurance payment period lasting less than six years.
According to Dwight Raiford, a financial planner with MetLife Financial Services in New York, an insurance policy should be the bedrock of most financial or investment plans.
Let's look at a scenario involving a 77-year-old female who owns an insurance policy with a $900,000 face amount and a current cash surrender value of $68,296.
A lessor who is a registrant is eligible to claim an ITC for GST/HST paid on vehicle repairs for a leased vehicle covered by an insurance policy, if the lessor is the recipient of the repairs and the other conditions in section 169 respecting ITCs are satisfied.
Named Insureds on insurance policies can be persons, partnerships, corporations, unincorporated associations, or limited liability companies to whom the insurance policy is issued.
A young woman received a $25,000 life insurance policy from her employer and designated her favorite vegetarian charity as the beneficiary.
Thus, a representations and warranties insurance policy may not insure the calculation of a purchase price based on a multiple of projected earnings.
It may seem like a simple point, but setting improper values is the most common error made on a commercial insurance policy.
An insurance policy alone is not sufficient protection against the wide-ranging risks emanating from today's largely unregulated cyber world," warned Richard Dean, program manager for IDC's Network Support and Integration Services research.
Equally important to acquiring a "key person" life insurance policy is making sure that it has been structured to allow for clear access to the proceeds.
Create an irrevocable life insurance trust to assume ownership of the insurance policy.
It makes the life insurance policy a valuable financial asset that can improve the quality of the resident's remaining years.
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