insurance company

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a financial institution that sells insurance

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But by combining an in-depth "risk optimization program" with the creation of a captive insurance company, financial executives can now better manage and finance their self-insured risks.
Agents and brokers clearly play an important role in insurance companies' obligations and as the government points out: "We also expect that an insurance company faced with a non-compliant agent or broker will take the necessary actions to secure such compliance, including, when appropriate, terminating its business relationship with such an agent or broker.
tax issues when forming and operating a captive insurance company (captive), significant state and international tax issues must also be discussed.
American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company of New York
Strike Three: New York State law does not allow the insurance company to cover any punitive damage awards.
The named insured has responsibility for paying insurance premiums, for communicating certain changes in the camp operations to the insurance company, and for reporting claims.
For example, if the actual loss experience for a job classification is double the expected loss, the insurance company will use the experience modification factor to double the premium.
Davison Farm Mutual Insurance Company of South Dakota, Mitchell, S.
4th 875 (2000), by reinstating an insurance company dividends-received deduction (DRD) and providing an election to take it retroactively for open years ending on or after Dec.
Aetna Health Insurance Company of Connecticut, Middletown, Conn.
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