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Essentially, once a company has determined its tolerance for self-retained risks, those risks can be transferred to a newly formed domestic (not "off-shore") licensed property and casualty insurance company, typically controlled by the shareholders of the operating company.
Instead, the rule depends on the insurance company to oversee its agents and brokers, making the company "responsible for integrating its agents and brokers into its anti-money laundering program and for monitoring their compliance with the requirements of its program.
Certain taxpayers in the insurance industry took the position that the (1) portions of prior CRTC [section]24410 that related to commercial domicile and limited the deduction to insurance company dividends paid from California-source income were severable from the statute; and (2) remaining portions of pre-AB 263 CRTC [section]24410 provided for a 100% deduction for dividends received from an 80%-owned insurance company.
Conley blamed the extent of the water damage on his insurance company because his agent told him to postpone repairing the damage until the company could determine whether it would cover the claim.
The fact that someone cannot buy punitive insurance coverage from a New York insurance company leads to the exposure.
When you add an additional insured to your policy, you and your insurance company assume the risk of the ownership, maintenance, care, and use of those horses for the agreed upon time period.
The ratings of American Life and Accident Insurance Company, Family Service Life Insurance Company and Sentinel American Life Insurance Company are not affected by this action.
The next step is to evaluate the experience modification factor used by the insurance company.
TIG Insurance Company of New York, New York, merged into its parent, TIG Insurance Co.
The taxpayer's insurance company is entitled to certain tax benefits allowed to small insurance companies under (1) Sec.
And while consumers once vested their confidence solely in an insurance company to bail them out of unfortunate circumstances, it's become increasingly important to make sure that, ``like a good neighbor,'' your profits are there.
The rating applies to The Cincinnati Insurance Company, and The Cincinnati Indemnity Company and The Cincinnati Casualty Company, which are 100% reinsured by Cincinnati Insurance.
Dorchester Mutual Fire Insurance Company (MA)/13706/'BBBq';
Equitable Life Insurance Company of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa, merged into Golden American Life Insurance Co.
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