insurance broker

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an agent who sells insurance

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Henderson Insurance Brokers Sunderland (HIBS) brought in PS350,000 during the year ending July 2016, but increased its revenue to PS540,000 over the last year.
The insurance broker is required to submit an unconditional bank guarantee payable on demand to the Insurance Authority chairman of the board of directors.
* For the insurance broker: The partnership enables the broker to bring a solution that helps its clients.
I C Frith & Associates Insurance Brokers has committed to the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Youth Sailing Academy through sponsorship of one of the Elliott 7-metre yachts.
We are delighted to be nominated and proud to be recognised in 2015, which is the year of our third of a century anniversary!" Brian Thornhill Insurance is one of the UK's largest family run insurance brokers specialising in commercial insurance as well as offering a wide range of personal insurance products for businesses and the public.
'e Caerphilly-based insurance broker picked up the accolade, the rst to be granted in the history of the British Insurance Awards 2014.
Lonsdale & Associates Insurance Brokers is specialized in providing a professional insurance and risk management assignments, satisfying need of GCC and Middle East markets.
NG Insurance in Penarth, which employs around 20 staff, has joined Giles Insurance Brokers, based in Talbot Green, in a move which will see Wales become one of its main operational centres.
Bollinger is the 25th largest insurance broker in the country with over 450 employees located in New York and New Jersey.
In all likelihood, the company already has an insurance broker that it has worked with to secure other types of insurance, such as general liability, property and worker's compensation.
Insurance Broker Willis Group Holdings is acquiring Gueits, Adams & Co, a New York-based agency specializing in jewelers' block insurance.
Pass any contract language regarding insurance, or hold harmless/indemnification language by your insurance broker and attorney.
My brother Leo Blain, an insurance broker in Burlington, Ontario, has pledged to raise $100,000 for St.
LexisNexis Mealey's Publications and Conference Group recently launched Mealey's Litigation Report: Insurance Broker Liability.
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