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an agent who sells insurance

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The regulator said, 'An applicant shall pass in the Insurance Agency Examination conducted by the Examination Body in the subjects of Life, General, and Health Insurance as the case may be, as per the syllabus prescribed by the Authority to be eligible for appointment as an insurance agent.
To assert a negligent procurement claim in Ohio, a person must establish that the insurance agent owed a duty to obtain the coverage its insured requested.
com)-- iDIALERpro announces the release of its newest feature in the insurance agents predictive dialer system.
Does the insurance agent make the sale or does a representative of the PEO?
Sometimes missed is the underlying meaning of this saying: that insurance agents play a key role in prodding American families to take the key steps necessary to secure their financial futures.
Industry insiders are saying this verdict is impacting now insurance agents are hired and trained.
After forty years in the insurance industry, the Clarkson Agency has seen many situations that could have been avoided had an insurance agent taken the time to review and discuss coverage details with the insured client.
Telling clients about a commission arrangement before they, their attorney or--even worse--a competing insurance agent discovers it, keeps the relationship open and aboveboard.
You can go through the process of getting licensed as an insurance agent, at which point you can get quotes for yourself and save your company the price of the commissions and fees that are normally paid to the outside agent (that is, if you request that the case be quoted without commissions).
What is clear is that prior to the Bill, New York's Insurance Laws expressly excluded "any agent or other representative of any title insurance company" from the definition of an insurance agent and allowed for payments of commissions by insurance companies to title insurance agents, but not to other insurance agents.
And second, once they realize that they are uncertain, almost three-quarters say they think the best way to make sure their insurance meets their needs is to sit down with an insurance agent.
3) Does the insurance agent make the PEO sale or does a representative of the PEO make the sale?
I showed your analysis to another insurance agent not affiliated with our firm.
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