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an agent who sells insurance

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To find a local Medicare Supplement insurance agent in your area visit the Association's website at for more information.
The regulator said, 'An applicant shall pass in the Insurance Agency Examination conducted by the Examination Body in the subjects of Life, General, and Health Insurance as the case may be, as per the syllabus prescribed by the Authority to be eligible for appointment as an insurance agent.'
16 June 2014 -- Illinois US-based insurance brokerage and risk management services firm Arthur J Gallagher & Co (NYSE: AJG) said it has acquired New Jersey US-based general insurance agent The Plus Companies Inc.
(3) Does the insurance agent make the PEO sale or does a representative of the PEO make the sale?
Allison has worked in the insurance industry for 26 years as an insurance agent, territory manager and sales representative.
Although no New York Insurance Law or regulation sets forth a specific time frame upon which an insurance agent or broker must remit such collected premiums, a standard of reasonableness would likely be imposed.
The bank also led JD Power's Independent Insurance Agent Satisfaction Study last year.
Independent Insurance Agent Satisfaction Study, which was developed in alliance with the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA), evaluates the independent P/C insurance agent's business outlook, management strategy and overall satisfaction with personal lines and commercial lines insurers in the United States.
Whether the affiliated person has a financial or other beneficial interest in the title insurance agent or corporation and is likely to receive a financial or other benefit as a result of the referral;
Unfortunately, young people aren't flocking to become insurance agents. For those new agents that do take on the challenge of becoming a new insurance agent, many fail.
The suspension of the insurance agent's licence means a ban on concluding insurance and reinsurance agreements and on making amendments to the respective agreements leading to increased liabilities of the insurance agent.
Many of those hoping to adapt to the post-PPACA world will find that the new health care exchanges will lead to a huge migration from the traditional health insurance agent channel, which is predicted to substantially reduce the volume of business underwritten by agents.
Today, a life insurance agent in California who recommends a settlement must be working directly with a settlement provider, secure a broker license with the state or become duly authorized with "producer authority" by the State of California Department of Insurance for that agent to earn any type of fee or consideration for the referral.
The cookie-cutter, assembly-line approach to selling insurance policies would have been anathema to his philosophy of creating cutting-edge products and customer experiences that are "insanely great." In our industry, Steve Jobs would have been an independent insurance agent.
Washington's view of health insurance agents comes from extensive research into the practices of the health insurance agent.
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