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capable of being insured or eligible to be insured

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STOLI policies run afoul of New Jersey's insurable interest requirement, the ruling said, and "would elevate form over substance to conclude that feigned compliance with the insurable interest statute--as technically exists at the outset of a STOLI transaction--satisfies the law.
Court of Appeals that the person having insurable interest thereof merely has the burden of proving the condition of the property insured and the fact of loss or damage during the period of the policy.
If there is no legal relationship exist then there is not insurable interest.
"However, the question of how the state's relatively new, Florida-specific insurers might withstand the impact of substantial insurable losses caused by Hurricane Michael remains," Best noted.
Criminal penalties are almost never insurable. GDPR administrative fines are civil in nature, but the GDPR also allows European member states to impose their own penalties for personal data violations.
The FIRO inspection report shall be reviewed by the Temporary Industry Committee and a determination made as to whether the risk is insurable in accordance with the standards established by said Committee with my approval.
Risks that are insurable have policy internal limits and exclusions.
In order to take out an insurance policy on someone's life, there must be some form of "insurable interest", or some reason why you might be worse off in the event of their death.
Is this standard different from how HUD demanded lenders address remediation to insurable damage prior to ML 2016-02?
Sebelius that virtually everyone would at some point use healthcare, it essentially admitted that healthcare is not an insurable risk because insurable risks are random and infrequent.
From a business perspective, 41% of the respondents consider cybersecurity risks to be greater than other insurable business risks such as natural disasters and business interruption.
In Q1 20136 the insurance companies of Armenia fixed a total of 53504 insurable events.
The number of incidents in 2012 was 39, compared to an average of 70 over a 17-year period, and total insurable fatalities were 318, compared to the long-term average of 597.
In order to prevent financial speculation on human life, however, any party acquiring a life insurance contract must have an insurable interest in the life being insured.