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the quality of being insurable

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As in the case of admissions of misconduct, penalties may also give rise to questions regarding indemnification, insurability, and policy coverage.
But if your clients have disposable income and children or grandchildren, and are looking for insurability protection, access to cash value, and a few tax benefits, juvenile whole life insurance could be the perfect product to add to your sales portfolio.
Thesis: To establish insurability for life insurance, underwriters must seek out a bevy of information, including medical examinations, medical tests, inspection reports, and, above all, physicians' reports.
The company introduced web enrollment for group life insurance in 1999 and now offers online enrollment, beneficiary changes, investment management (for variable group universal life policies) underwriting exam scheduling and "real time" evidence of insurability processing.
If the insurability risk is low, the premiums will also be low.
Older customers who no longer require paycheck protection can exchange their Income Series policy for a long-termcare policy without medical evidence of insurability.
The new product also features an improved DOT rider that now includes a conversion privilege allowing policyowners to convert the remaining term portion to a Whole Life or Modified Premium Whole Life within the first 10 years without evidence of insurability.
Every insurance agency uses a rating system to determine an applicant's insurability risk.
The policy offers a survivor purchase option, which allows surviving insureds to buy another policy without new evidence of insurability.
These include the Guaranteed Insurability Rider, which allows consumers to increase their death benefit protection in the future without providing additional evidence of good health, and the Disability Benefit Rider, which allows consumers to specify a monthly benefit amount to be credited to their policy if they become disabled.
Insurance agencies have a rating system for determining the insurability risk of every applicant and for determining auto insurance premiums.
NEW YORK -- MetLife today announced the introduction of the new Automatic Increase Benefit (AIB) rider designed to allow policyholders to keep pace with inflation without having to provide evidence of continued insurability.
Flood losses are increasing at an alarming rate, while the insurability of floods provides unique challenges for the industry according to Swiss Re's latest report, Flood - an underestimated risk: Inspect, inform, insure .
The big attraction is that you have guaranteed insurability - you will be insured irrespective of your state of health when you come to renew.
They cover general principles such as cardiac morphology and nomenclature, genetics, assessment, diagnostic methods, interventional catheterization, operation and reoperation, heart and lung transplantation, and medical management, including noncardiac surgery, electrophysiology, infective endocarditis, pregnancy, exercise, and insurability.