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Synonyms for insupportable


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Synonyms for insupportable

so unpleasant or painful as not to be endured or tolerated

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Synonyms for insupportable

incapable of being justified or explained

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an abdication of the magistrate's duty does not occur, courts must continue to conscientiously review the sufficiency of affidavits on which warrants are issued." (38) In the absence of an insupportably selective reading both of Leon and of prior Supreme Court holdings, Koerth's substantial basis test conforms to the full sweep of the Supreme Court's exclusionary rule jurisprudence.
He can say it's the job as much as he likes but that's not the real reason he's being insupportably rude and aggressive to his wife.
If the beloved dies--"nor on the earth the shadow of thee"--all hope would perish/vanish from the speaker's life journey and his path would become insupportably dark.
He has turned to history for this effort because of his conviction that sociologists tend to be "insupportably abstract" in their analyses of state development (3).
It is an interesting observation even if, at times, it presses too hard on scanty and overly diverse evidence of vaguely godlike figures in the poems cited and even though Rayan inclines insupportably on his own ideological preference for traditional Hindu beliefs.
She died in the Palace Gardens in 1966 of extreme old age and a heart that had swelled insupportably large from nearly two centuries of loneliness.
It was these commutations which made the system appear insupportably arbitrary.
Underlying this article is my belief that the divisions between narrative fiction and more conventional approaches to organizational analysis still remain insupportably and unnecessarily overdrawn.
(91) While the Court acknowledged that the risk of error in parental right termination hearings could be "insupportably high," it rejected a blanket rule and instead opted for a case-specific approach.
Manwaring [is] insupportably jealous" and "the females of the family are united against [her]"(MW 244-45).