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in an unfair and insulting manner


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The animation looks distinctly PS2 and the humour is insultingly unfunny.
Drivers who kill while taking illegal risks are too often labelled 'careless' in the eyes of the law, and then given insultingly low sentences when their actions can only be described as dangerous and destructive.
If you pass it as some normal criminal acts, then there is some more shocking news in store: An Emirati is heckled and is insultingly wrestled to the ground by none other than the US security officials near a hotel in Ohio over terrorism fear.
More basic tips: Scripted spiels are OK for starters, but all TV talents should make it a point to learn how to ad-lib and eventually think and speak for themselves, thus making the insultingly called idiot boards obsolete.
The plot is exasperatingly familiar and the humour is insultingly unfunny.
The Obamas, in photographs circulated throughout the world, were greeted at the Palace by a tiny, berobed despotalso known has HRH Prince Georgewho appeared bewildered by the oddly accented man who had chosen, insultingly, to squat before him instead of the more customary kneeling, before being made to sit atop an uncomfortable hobby horse he had never before seen, seemingly in order to please this mysterious stranger.
Sounds insultingly simple but it will make it look like you have less to tackle.
Yet even with a lifetime of remorse, a traffic ticket is insultingly out of proportion to the enormity of three children's deaths.
Fortunately in 1945, unlike today, people voted for policies not personalities and the Labour government of Prime Minister Clement Atlee, "a modest little man", as Churchill insultingly dismissed him (a geek in modern parlance), did more to enhance the quality of life of the British people than any government before or since.
That leaves underdogs Castleford and Widnes flying under the bookmakers' radar - particularly 2014 runners-up the Tigers who are insultingly chalked up at 33-1.
Encouraged by three successive election victories since it came to power in late 2002, some members of the ruling AK Party have talked insultingly about the republic, while expressing admiration for the Ottoman Empire.
His dad Jamal (Bijan Daneshmand) believes it was the handiwork of businessman Gregor Forrester (Ray Fearon) who owns the plot of land next to the Khans' house and didn't take it all that well when they turned down his offer to buy their property for an insultingly low price.
Constance protects Julia, however, when they finally find Rosemary and she insultingly tells them to get out of her Haight-Ashbury commune.
The font size is large and well spaced to create a 100+ page novel ideal for the target market; chapter length is kept short without being insultingly juvenile.
Lucas subsequently emailed the general manager to complain, insisting he couldn't work because of the "undue mental anguish" he was suffering as a result of the napkin debacle, and said that he was insultingly offered free burgers in return.