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Synonyms for insultingly

in an unfair and insulting manner


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What you have been told instead, and in insultingly plain terms, is not only that they didn't want you at the wedding, but that they thought you would be grateful just to be invited.
(They should call him Doctor Annoying.) The role played by Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) is almost insultingly cursory, given how successful the movie was.
"I'm sorry, chair, but I'm not a student and I'm not going to answer questions that are asked insultingly," Birdi said.
We expect Albania to respect its own independence," he said, rather insultingly.
'Even the insultingly measly P25 wage hike would not make a dent on the high cost of living now pegged at P1,001 for a family of five,' he added.
If all schools need is a new whiteboard, as Hammond has insultingly suggested, then perhaps things aren't as bad in schools as it seems?
As a result, it doesn't presume knowledge of yoga, but nor does it start with an insultingly elementary approach: it aims to expand the repertoire of people who are masters of their craft.
Does anyone else in Cymru have to put up with such county council insultingly public perversions of our language?
The retired footballer and manager, Maradona, was sitting at the stands as dozens of TV cameramen portrayed him swinging his two hands back and forth and insultingly gestured his middle fingers once his fellow countrymen scored.
If they, insultingly, don't trust the Prime Minister, they should have the guts to call for a leadership election.
Evans Halshaw has only offered me PS100 plus PS30 for the road tax plus what I think is insultingly derisory.
Blaming gender-based statistical variations or dispersion on the intent or ignorance of others is divisive and insultingly gratuitous at best.
Not only is this an uncommonly long wait for results, but Supercell has further suppressed excitement by replacing traditional sneak peeks with some ( insultingly vague "Captain's Log" teasers .
The animation looks distinctly PS2 and the humour is insultingly unfunny.
"Drivers who kill while taking illegal risks are too often labelled 'careless' in the eyes of the law, and then given insultingly low sentences when their actions can only be described as dangerous and destructive."