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Synonyms for insultingly

in an unfair and insulting manner


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The MHP leader also harshly criticized the businesspeople who, after giving bribes of up to $100 million seemingly upon the prime minister's demand, spoke insultingly about the Turkish people, according to voice recordings published in the media.
People turn to the 'big book,' as Barry insultingly calls it, not as the source of their feelings but as confirmation of them.
It almost sounds insultingly obvious to say the best man won, given the embarrassing gulf in talent between James Arthur and his fellow competitors.
England's black Under-21 players were subject to racial abuse in Serbia, for which the Serbian FA will undoubtedly receive an insultingly small fine from Uefa, equivalent to roughly the amount bookies had to pay out on the night's results.
Besides, if the vendor thinks that your initial offer was insultingly low, then he may simply refuse to sell to you at all, no matter how high you are subsequently prepared to go.
Is it logical for Arab states, whether they represent old or new regimes, to adopt a neutral stance on the demands of the Obama administration, which has insultingly slinked away from all of its earlier promises, to the degree that it insists that the PA suspend any hope of halting Israeli settlements as a condition to resuming peace negotiations with the government of Benjamin Netanyahu?
Although the standard of question was mixed, I believe that if you buy in your trivia the standard should be of an acceptable level and whoever set this challenge had no idea of what is a fair standard, some being insultingly simple and others ridiculously hard.
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics Railing against those times when the laws of physics in films aren't so much bent as completely crooked.
Tensions rise, residents riot to get the aliens out and the creatures, insultingly called 'prawns', fight back.
But the insultingly bad Scouse accent was less of a rib-tickler.
Cambor and Westfeldt simply lack the charisma to carry a series, and the other cast members (even the reliably funny Harris) are consigned to insultingly one-note characterizations.
He is one of those wonderful pianists for whom the word 'accompanist' is insultingly inadequate - I wish we had a better word.
TRAVEL writer Bill Bryson memorably and insultingly remarked several books ago that he came to Liverpool, and they were ``having a litter festival''.
It is not as important to spend a great deal of money on a gift as it is to understand the message that an inappropriate gift -- whether overly expensive, insultingly cheap or in any way distasteful -- could potentially send to the recipient.
It was however the Earl of Warwick himself who Gaveston insultingly called the Black Dog because of his dark complexion.