insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

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In another report by Thomas et al (2), four patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus developed heel ulceration while wearing anti-embolism stockings after major surgery.
Type 1 diabetes, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), develops secondary to the degeneration of the pancreatic B-cells that produce insulin and is considered to result from a genetic predisposition that is triggered by various environmental factors.
The most common are Type I diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or IDDM), and Type II diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or NIDDM).
*Patients must have a history of medically-uncontrollable labile (brittle) insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus with documented recurrent, severe, acutely life-threatening metabolic complications that require hospitalization.
This patent, exclusively licensed from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, broadly covers methods for the treatment of type I insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and other conditions using nestin-positive islet derived progenitor cells (NIPs), which can be expanded and differentiated into pancreatic islet cells, i.e., insulin-producing beta cells.
His medical history included coronary artery disease, hypertension, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, hyperlipemia, obesity, jejunostomy, tracheostomy, and dysphagia.
He had a medical history of vertebral arthrosis (lumbar laminectomy in 1989) and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Six weeks before, he had received for 3 days gluteal injections with kebusone (an intramuscular nonsteriodal antiinflammatory drug [NSAID]) for acute lower back pain.
Type I is also called insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and juvenile-onset diabetes.
The children were divided into two groups--20 with peanut allergy and 20 with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Both groups were asked to complete one questionnaire that was designed for the study and another that was previously used with patients allergic to wasp stings.
TYPE 1 (Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus): This is an autoimmune condition.
The type of diabetes that was known as Type I, juvenile-onset diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) is now type 1 diabetes.
We studied 32 patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus to determine how their rate of mucociliary clearance and their levels of nasal and oral pH compared with those of 10 nondiabetic controls and how these rhinologic measurements varied within different subsets of diabetic patients.
Participants in the study came from a larger ongoing trial that is addressing risk factors for the development of complications in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
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