insulin shock

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hypoglycemia produced by excessive insulin in the system causing coma

the administration of sufficient insulin to induce convulsions and coma

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5%) reports involved patient and device problems with hypoglycemia or overdelivery of insulin, including reports coded as overmedication (15), as overdose (7), and as insulin shock (1).
They're called insulin shock in the United States and hypo in England, but that isn't a word, it's a prefix.
The section provides reliable information with charts on drug compatibilities, conversions and calculations, and treatment guidelines for emergencies such as anaphylaxis, cardiac arrest, stroke, hypertensive crisis, hyperglycemic crisis, insulin shock, and preventing and treating extravasations.
The preparation was fully warranted, since the boy's father, 30-year-old Aaron Farris, was diabetic and therefore subject to bouts of unconsciousness, which can be caused either by diabetic coma (hyperglycemia) or insulin shock (hypoglycemia).
After that healed, he was sleeping and went into low blood glucose, insulin shock.
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