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hypoglycemia produced by excessive insulin in the system causing coma

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Babies with diabetes may cry and be cranky with the onset of an insulin reaction.
an ambulance responded to Main Street for a person having an insulin reaction.
An insulin reaction occurs when there is too much insulin in the bloodstream.
The supplier has also begun cross-merchandising programs with its sister company, Can-Am Care, which markets a full line of diabetes care items, including private label lancets, glucose supplements, insulin syringes, insulin reaction gels and finger cream.
This may increase or shorten duration of insulin reaction.
By carrying with them a source of readily absorbed, concentrated sugar (such as a small tube of cake decoration), they can deal with any insulin reaction that may occur.
It is very common to overtreat an insulin reaction with sugar, so don't be surprised if blood sugar levels run high for up to a day after a reaction.
IWONDER how many insulin-dependent patients resent being informed by nurses and GPs that they can force us to have blood sugar tests, even though we are having an insulin reaction and have recognised our own symptoms of what is actually low blood sugar?
As discussed earlier, an insulin reaction is most likely to occur just before a meal when glucose levels are lowest, at the peak time of the insulin, and during or after a period of exercise.
They produce less of an insulin reaction and delay hypoglycemia.
This sudden increase in adrenaline speeds up the heart and causes sweating, thus alerting the diabetic patient to an insulin reaction.
You must be prepared to treat an insulin reaction by carrying a fast-acting sugar at all times, and making sure it is available at home, at school or in the workplace.
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