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a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity

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According to the conditions of the testing of pin porcelain insulators for mechanical loading, the insulator with a special high-strength rod (steel 40X, diameter at the base--40 mm) is reinforced with a blind seal with cement-sand ligament.
Japan-based NGK Insulators has succeeded in tapping the markets of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman for sales of insulators and equipment for power transmission, substations and power distribution.
Since predicting the existence of topological insulators in 2005, physicists have salivated over the materials' unique properties (SN: 5/22/10, p.
In the wake of complaints from domestic players against cheap Chinese imports, DGS, after a probe, said: "It will be in the public interest to impose safeguard duty on import of electrical insulators from People's Republic of China.
The coating considerably increases the reliability and fail-safe characteristics of insulators for overhead T&D power lines.
The condition of the HV insulator is assessed using the RF emissions from successive sets of discharges on the same insulator location.
XRT Insulator - designed to keep the hands of workers warm and protected when undertaking tasks at temperatures as low as -30[degrees]C.
An improved insulator has the capacity to change the power grid by decreasing energy loss and outages caused by material deterioration when exposed to weather.
With an extremely fast evaporation rate, the material drying 50% faster than cotton, additional grip for the seamless PX Insulator glove comes from the addition of a blue PU coating on the palm and finger tips.
7, she posted the glass insulator on a seven-day auction with a starting price of $5.
Which type of material will serve as a better insulator (material that slows heat movement): vegetable shortening or trapped air?
These can be found in "The Glass Insulator in America" by N.
The Indian venture will use the existing production lines of the insulator business division of Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd.
METI commissioned the estimate from the semipublic Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials, which came up with the figure using data on construction starts and trends on insulator use dating back to the 1970s, when CFC-containing insulators became common.
to leap into mass production of its new dead-end composite insulator encapsulated with a thermoplastic elastomer.