insulating tape

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a water-resistant adhesive tape used to insulate exposed electrical conductors

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A young boy was repeatedly gagged with insulating tape by the person who was supposed to be caring for him and other children during taxi journeys to a special needs school.
If anyone reading this knows anyone who has recently aquired a Vibe CBR12 with 700watt sub, amp and insulating tape over the front corners where it rubbed on my speakers, it belongs to me.
You just put the insulation on in lengths, butting one piece up against the next and securing the join with insulating tape.
It can be secured to the pipes with electrical insulating tape.
An inner vessel wrapped with insulating tape is used to prevent conductive loss.
Located at the Extrusion Center will be a number of manufacturing operations, including profile and composite extrusion, wire coating, insulating tape production, tubing and hose extrusion.
Blue insulating tape was used to create the line along buildings, bridges and trees in the Northumberland market town by campaigners working to make sure it gets the best possible protection against future deluges.
Her hands had been bound with cable ties and her mouth was gagged with a kitchen cloth and insulating tape.
A kitchen cloth was stuffed in the side of her mouth and yellow insulating tape was wound around her mouth and head so tightly that her face was badly distorted.
And in the poll to discover the stupidest accidents people have had, Tesco found a DIY enthusiast who bit through the insulating tape and copper wires with the TV still on and a dozy worker who was left with a broken nose after walking into a newly-cleaned glass wall.
The letters do not give details of the inquiry but it is believed some parents alleged their children had strips of black insulating tape with the word "Sshhh" written on them put over their mouths.
Limited Tenders are invited for FRLT Cotton Insulating Tape for electrical purpose.
Hartley, 47, left suicide notes to his family and cycled to his ex-girlfriend's home at Worthing, West Sussex, carrying a long rope, insulating tape and a Stanley knife.
The insulating tape on the handle is taped all the way round, therefore it is not live," the widower told the court.
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