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a material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricity

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Numerous electrically insulating materials have been developed, particularly to ensure the insulation of high-voltage generators supplying, for example.
The insulating material is a novel type of organic aerogel that will be offered as a mechanically strong panel -- a hands-on aerogel, so to speak.
Common insulating materials include polymers such as polyimide (PI), which can be spun on as a thin film, and silicon dioxide (Si02).
The solder tails located outside the insulating material, support visual inspection systems.
The issue effects the Yaris model built between June 2005 and April 2007 and is centered on a small piece of insulating material from the central pillar fitted to these cars.
7 : a sheet of insulating material carrying electronic parts (as for a computer)
The offered insulating materials define the choice of additional materials such as the glue for the insulating material, screws, etc.
Steelmakers use asbestos as insulating material and as seal adhesives.
The cell is encased in thermally and electrically insulating material to prevent waste of heat or current.
The critical thickness (tc) is determined analytically in terms of thermal conductivity (k) of insulating material and the heat transfer coefficient (h) of air.
Once the City or State adopts the new NEC code all wiring containing FEP insulating material remaining in buildings will become the responsibility of the building owner and must be removed.
Insulating material broke away from Colombia's fuel tank during launch.
The smoke, which was traced to a fault in the insulating material on the electric line, automatically activated the fire alarms and led to the evacuation of passengers from Central, Moorfields, James Street and Lime Street underground stations.
It is something that his colleagues at BASF have been working on, figuring out the ways that various materials (such as a clever insulating material that contains microencapsulated wax that melts when it is hot outside, a transformation that consumes heat so that the interior stays cool).
They were hidden under insulating material in a container found during the raid on the warehouse at Ballybeg, Ennis, Co Clare.