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Synonyms for insularity

the state of being isolated or detached

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Summary: Far from holding Africa back, the drive towards insularity in the developed world could actually help to accelerate economic growth on the continent.
The author argues that, because so many nations choose to invoice in dollars--including many that do not trade much with the United States--the dollar enjoys a "privileged insularity" against inflation.
I believe that recent Government modern language education policy where studying a language is optional has contributed to a suspicion of "foreigners" and has helped to create an unhealthy climate of insularity and xenophobia.
The history that emerges reveals how decades of urban planning, suburbanization, and privatization have eroded an open, tolerant society and given rise to the insularity, xenophobia, and divisiveness that characterize Kuwaiti social relations today.
Catholic insularity is a downside of Irish-Italian unity, and Moses fails to explore many of insularity's implications and consequences.
The Cape Verdean authorities have systematically requested special treatment from all ECOWAS institutions to help tackle the underlying vulnerabilities of the country's insularity and for it to become fully integrated in the ECOWAS region.
TEACHERS should challenge British insularity and reluctance to learn languages and teach pupils to speak more than just "functional" phrasebook expressions, according to a leading headmistress.
And that shocking insularity is amongst the biggest reasons why England fails time after time at major tournaments.
Yet in Zhong Lihe's case, insularity is another word for specificity: the specificity that is the soul of narrative.
President Bill Clinton of the moral failure of insularity for his inadequate response to the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.
Part II addresses the household economy and insularity developed in inshore fishing communities.
I am inclined to agree with Mr Tompkins that the priority given to the Welsh language serves only to promote insularity at a time when students need transferable skills to compete.
"We must, as Christians, implement the Apostolic Exhortation to avoid the danger and risk to the Christian presence," the President urged, stressing the need to adopt dialogue and cling to the message of freedom and openness, fight insularity and isolation, not rely on foreign protection by authoritarian regimes and reject minorities' alliances.