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Synonyms for insularism

the state of being isolated or detached

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(And parts of Turkey and Egypt would fall under its historical definition.) After the Ottoman collapse, insecure regimes and the Israeli-Arab conflict nurtured insularism and interrupted the Levant.
But, there is also another type of administration, characterised through rigidity and insularism in relation with modifications taking place within the social environment.
My initial hypothesis derives from Manach's: I believe that one important result of Cuba's lack of insularism is what I have called a "translation sensibility ...
If, as David Tracy argues, theologians have a responsibility to engage in authentically "public" discourse at the level of the broader society, then it is incumbent upon conservative Protestant theologians to find ways to break through in-group insularism without falling into out-group polemicism.
All embody the return to a rural Maronite insularism very different than the composite ideology that made modern Lebanon u an ideology of the mountain and of the city, to paraphrase the late historian Albert Hourani.
Every previous study of The Pastyme of People has situated Rastell's early efforts to modernize historiography within the rise of "universal" humanism (as distinct from English insularism) and as an expression of the tastes of a rising middle class critical of the incumbent monarchy.