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(medicine) blowing air or medicated powder into the lungs (or into some other body cavity)

an act of blowing or breathing on or into something

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This may be due to the fact that during low-flow anesthesia we checked for correct positioning of LMA and monitored airway pressure to be less than 15-20 cmH2o; additionally, thanks to the modern anesthesia machines, we had low incidence of gastric insufflation and also minimal air leak due to limited FGF.
A cohort of 95 patients was treated with endotympanic insufflations of sulphurous water: 58 patients did a cycle consisting of a treatment of 12 days per year for three consecutive years; 37 subjects followed the same procedure for 5 years consecutively.
"By providing stable pneumo-peritoneum, continuous smoke evacuation and valve-free access to the abdominal cavity, the AirSeal System reduces procedural time, costs, and hassles in ways that conventional insufflation, trocar and filtered tubing systems simply cannot do," he stated.
Carbon dioxide insufflation systems are widely utilized in both the United States and Europe in CT colonography as a useful screening tool for detecting and diagnosing colorectal cancer in its early stages.
Leung as a proof of principle of water insufflation in unsedated coLonoscopy demonstrated improved patient comfort and cecal intubation with that method (Gastrointest.
The method of insufflation is yet another source of controversy, and there is no consensus on which is the best technique.
The membranes are suitable for a broad range of liquid barrier and gas vent applications, including bag and tubing vents, vial vents, transducer protection, vent caps, insufflation, and gas monitoring anesthesia.
New chapters explore key topics such as ventilatory management for obstructive pulmonary disease, adult respiratory distress syndrome, NIPPV, tracheal gas insufflation, prone positioning, and liquid ventilation.
Mechanical insufflation takes place, which uses air under pressure to help separate the skin from the carcase.
The technique, known as insufflation, involves the use of compressed air injected into the lamb's thigh after slaughter to separate the skin from the flesh.
Testing intraperitoneal placement with fluid in a syringe "is mandatory prior to gas insufflation."(11)
compared the patients' discomfort between water immersion and air insufflation colonoscopies in a randomized prospective study of 100 patients.
Additionally, KP201/IR is well-positioned to take advantage of data generated from the Apadaz development programme, including data from the KP201.A03 study, which compared hydrocodone exposure following insufflation of benzhydrocodone HCl (KP201) vs.
The standard technique of insufflation after insertion of Veress needle, open laparoscopy involving opening of the peritoneum under direct vision (Hasson's method), optical trocar insertion and direct trocar insertion (DTI) as well as variants of these techniques.