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breathe or blow onto as a ritual or sacramental act, especially so as to symbolize the action of the Holy Spirit

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treat by blowing a powder or vapor into a bodily cavity

blow or breathe hard on or into

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This makes people vulnerable to the demagoguery of the many modem-day Robespierres that manipulate natural law to insufflate anarchy and mob formation.
Relative contra-indications include a history of upper abdominal surgery, active peptic ulcer disease, bleeding disorders or anticoagulation, respiratory tract infection, marked cardiopulmonary disease, and inability to insufflate or dilate the stomach.
che sia dipeso tutto da passioni perverse insufflate dal diavolo ad alcuni notabili; sospeso tra illuminismo castrato e ossequio ai fondamenti teologali del sistema, lo storico-omileta declama un quietismo camuffato da innocuo sdegno; da come scrive, ha capito poco o niente nella logica degli istituti.
The method for the 30 sec observation was to insufflate the cecum and the ascending colon sufficiently and observe them not in a close view, but in a distant view, because the length of the second observation was determined to be precisely 30 sec.
One needs to remember to insufflate the abdomen in the supine position prior to proceeding with Trendelenburg.
Needle was then attached to the insufflator to insufflate carbondioxide at pressure of 14mmHg.
Second, the volume of the cavity and, thus, the amount of cement to be used is easily determined by measuring the amount of fluid used to insufflate the balloon tamp.
To insufflate the bag at this point and create the "pseudopneumoperitoneum," a 15-mm port is lubricated and placed through the opening in the bag.
A syringe was used to slowly insufflate a known volume of air inside a circuit with sealed outlets and the Ventrak respiration monitor (Novametrix Medical Systems, Wallingford, CT, USA) was utilised to measure the final pressure.
Patients were made to insufflate into the mouthpiece for 1-4 minutes until the colour of indicator membrane turning to yellow from orange.
In patients who have had any prior abdominal surgery (cesarean section, appendectomy, etc.), a 3-mm port is placed in the left upper quadrant to insufflate as well as visualize the anterior abdominal wall in order to identify any adhesions that may have formed after the prior surgery.
We have used this assembly successfully to insufflate oxygen using the oxygen flush in a 24-year-old male with multiple facial fractures when we could neither ventilate nor intubate the trachea.