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to an insufficient degree


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Reductions in Mortality Risk by Activity Group as Compared with Inactive Adults All-cause CVD Total deaths 8,802 2,780 Insufficiently 34% reduced risk 40% reduced risk active Weekend warriors 30% reduced risk 40% reduced risk Regularly active 35% reduced risk 41% reduced risk Cancer Total deaths 2,526 Insufficiently 17% reduced risk active Weekend warriors 18% reduced risk Regularly active 21% reduced risk
According to the company, ILUVIEN (190 micrograms intravitreal implant in applicator) is a sustained release intravitreal implant used to treat vision impairment associated with chronic DME considered insufficiently responsive to available therapies.
Griff Rhys Jones signing his book Insufficiently Welsh at WHSmith, Queen Street, Cardiff PETER BOLTER
Did you ever praise Royal Mail or your postie when we managed to forward these items of insufficiently addressed mail?
But judges refused, ruling the case was insufficiently "urgent" to merit attention.
The measure is designed to be self-funding and concerns insurance cover that is currently insufficiently available on the private market.
However, drug abuse and addiction are often insufficiently covered in medical school curricula, despite the fact that drug use affects a wide range of health conditions and drug abuse and addiction are themselves major public health issues.
After answering a questionnaire on the frequency and intensity of their leisure time physical activity, participants were divided into inactive, insufficiently active, and active groups.
Cuts that have been insufficiently researched and poorly considered and appear to be no more than a knee jerk reaction in a desperate attempt to fill a black hole that has been allowed to grow over some considerable period of time, despite increases in our council tax year on year and despite what was deemed an 'economic boom' period.
The area is insufficiently lit and "closed in", especially on the Stoney Stanton Road side, where the grassy and hedgy areas of Swanswell Park are very close to the main road.
HEALTH NET OF NEW JERSEY will pay $41 million in unpaid claims, interest and fines for insufficiently reimbursing 88,000 members for out-of-network medical services, the N.
were insufficiently reported in the Newscast section of the December issue.
Instead of just saying it is a really bad idea to use a text colour which contrasts insufficiently with its background, there is a big table full of numbers coded to some colour scheme.
Committee spokesman Professor Tom Humphrey said: "We think the testing methods were insufficiently up to date and insufficiently sensitive.