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Synonyms for insufferable



Synonyms for insufferable

so unpleasant or painful as not to be endured or tolerated

Synonyms for insufferable

used of persons or their behavior

References in classic literature ?
There is one sentence in it, however--namely: `I protest strongly against the insufferable and entirely dogmatic assertion that each separate id is a microcosm possessed of an historical architecture elaborated slowly through the series of generations.
I was a widow of fortune, that I was able to do myself justice, and had great friends to stand by me too, who had all made me promise to sue to the utmost, and that if it cost me a thousand pounds I would be sure to have satisfaction, for that the affronts I had received were insufferable.
Mugridge, and his behaviour and carriage were insufferable as he showed me my duties.
Whereas, the world would do well to reflect, that injustice is in itself, to every generous and properly constituted mind, an injury, of all others the most insufferable, the most torturing, and the most hard to bear; and that many clear consciences have gone to their account elsewhere, and many sound hearts have broken, because of this very reason; the knowledge of their own deserts only aggravating their sufferings, and rendering them the less endurable.
I know not how it was--but, with the first glimpse of the building, a sense of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit.
Insufferable in the glare of a Sabbath sun, bleak, windy, and flaring in the gloom of a Sabbath night, and hopelessly depressing on all days of the week, the First Presbyterian Church lifted its blunt steeple from the barrenest area of the flats, and was hideous
The tuxedoed stiffs huddled at the Dolby Theatre were there to make statements, which was reflected not only in their insufferable speeches but also in their middling movies, very few of which are likely to mosey on up to the eternal pantheon of film and move in next door to Casablanca or Ghostbusters.
It seems that the provincial government is unable to see these insufferable conditions.
The good eggs are being let down by the greedy, pompous and insufferable parasites in their ranks.
Finally, people can be put off - even terrified - by rowdy people having too much to drink without close supervision and control and by gruff bookies who can at times be insufferable on busy days.
I can cope with them one at a time, but in pinstriped, braying multitudes they're insufferable.
In "Memoirs of a Parrot", young readers ages 5 to 8 will join a brilliant, but stubborn, parrot as he endures the banality of the pet store before being purchased by an equally insufferable young man.
Barren, dust covered wastelands are vividly painted by the author; the Earth, ruined and insufferable to its remaining inhabitants is suffocating.
SYBIL BIRLING MIRANDA RICHARDSON Arthur's insufferable snob of a wife, who rejects poverty-stricken Eva's pleas for financial aid.
The second series (and Thrillbent's launching series), Insufferable, follows an estranged dynamic duo who must work through their complete disrespect for one another for one last mission.