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not substantially


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6) Childhood, moreover, had been radically redefined visually since the middle of the eighteenth century to imagine children as blank and innocent creatures whose bodies were usually represented as insubstantially as possible.
This prayer is presented with explanatory text on a small, insubstantially framed piece of ordinary paper, to the right of the original shrine, and its appearance is both incomprehensively tacky in contrast to the glories of the Cathedral's grand interior and entirely out of place, looking as if it should say, "this exhibition closed for renovation.
concern only insubstantially and in a weak and attenuated sense"
In a case such as the present one, in which the fact of employment is only tangentially and insubstantially involved in the subject matter of the public communication made by a teacher, we conclude that it is necessary to regard the teacher as the member of the general public he seeks to be.
To satisfy the organizational test, the nonprofit's organizing documents must limit the purposes of the organization to one or more exempt purposes, and must not authorize the organization to engage more than insubstantially in any activities which are not in furtherance of their exempt purposes.
I'm not denying it was a great patriotic effort but didn't these players just do what they are not insubstantially paid to do - to win?
It is possible that, in the narrow category of major disasters, state choice-of-law principles and even substantive liability standards will vary insubstantially, making determinations of applicable law in consolidated proceedings less cumbersome than anticipated.
But it has reported insubstantially on progress in evaluating and using alternatives.
Not all early buildings were insubstantially built earthfast structures, however.
Grammar, for Cha, is insubstantially yet ineluctably coded as a way of expressing the layers of female subjectivity, a full blankness in which articulation is threatened or strangled, yet constitutive.
Its admission could not be treated as insubstantially prejudicial, particularly since counterbalancing probativity to support the opinion is entirely lacking.
See id, at 574 (pointing out that Pickering's employment was "only tangentially and insubstantially involved in the subject matter of the public communication [he] made").
In other words, if the supposedly high reinforcer magnitude was insubstantially different from the low, then the null effect of manipulating this variable would be unsurprising.
It is mere fatuity, a pomposity of professorship, to suppose a work so protracted by this great dramatist crudely and insubstantially without being felt as protracted so by him.