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lack of solid substance and strength

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lacking substance or reality

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Asking the right questions and ensuring that the donor has such information from the charity may help reduce confusion when determining whether the insubstantiality tests are met.
Yet her physical insubstantiality, even incapacity, diverts attention from her physical assets (which would include her lineage) to her character, her values.
After outlining three standard arguments (impermanence, reductionism, and insubstantiality) for the insubstantial view of the self, they paraphrase Nagarjuna, stating "if we cannot say that the self really exists, by the same token we cannot say that the self really does not exist" (291).
(10) Together, these make up the third objection, the 'insubstantiality critique'.
The next line looks towards the "orchard trees and beyond" (6) (the site of her "wars"), faintly alluding to Stonewall Jackson's famous statement just before he died from the wounds of his war: "I must cross over the river and into the trees." We see that indeed it was among the "orchard trees and beyond" that she "took arms against her shadow" (7), actively fighting against the image of her own insubstantiality: she fought against death, and the shadow that was always with her prevailed.
Adams invokes the simile of the chariot made up of parts that stands for the way the being (satta) is composed of khandhas, (16) which is a traditional approach to illustrating the insubstantiality of the self.
Second, the comparison between snowflakes and mute e's is so subtle that the very indistinctness of the metaphor suggests something of the insubstantiality of snow.
Greenblatt notes the very different appeals for pardon in the epilogues of A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Tempest--the former excusing any offense on the grounds of its dreamlike insubstantiality, the latter touting the audience's own culpability.
In "Air and Angels," for instance, John Donne uses angelic non physical essence and insubstantiality as a foil for his discussion of physical and spiritual attraction and a satiric commentary on feminine love:
The novel is deftly suspended by the insubstantiality of the characters and by the flattening of its narrative layers, which are unremittingly transgressed by this riotous troop of borrowed and invented personalities who refuse to respect the ontological boundaries of the worlds they inhabit.
The swing between sexual omnivorousness (2003: 98) and insubstantiality (2003: 112) works like Marilyn Monroe's imagery in Warhol's series, simultaneously disembodied and sexually reified.
Ah, the insubstantiality of treasure they wisely surmised.
If Dutreil is not quite a latter-day Eugene Rougon, his testament to the insubstantiality of politics chimes well with the opening scene of Son Excellence, which homes in on the mood permeating the legislative chamber.