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lack of solid substance and strength

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lacking substance or reality

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Asking the right questions and ensuring that the donor has such information from the charity may help reduce confusion when determining whether the insubstantiality tests are met.
His imagery arguably better fits Doctor Thorne than Mansfield Park, where Fanny's physical insubstantiality is so prominent a strand in her adoption narrative and where her Portsmouth family, unlike the Scatcherds, is not represented as having any redeeming values.
The question of how this fts in with the doctrine of not-self is one that has arisen several times throughout the course of Buddhist history; what is certain is that the insubstantiality or indeterminateness of beings does not preclude our valuing them in the same way that it prevents our claiming that they have value.
Second, the comparison between snowflakes and mute e's is so subtle that the very indistinctness of the metaphor suggests something of the insubstantiality of snow.
Greenblatt notes the very different appeals for pardon in the epilogues of A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Tempest--the former excusing any offense on the grounds of its dreamlike insubstantiality, the latter touting the audience's own culpability.
In "Air and Angels," for instance, John Donne uses angelic non physical essence and insubstantiality as a foil for his discussion of physical and spiritual attraction and a satiric commentary on feminine love:
The novel is deftly suspended by the insubstantiality of the characters and by the flattening of its narrative layers, which are unremittingly transgressed by this riotous troop of borrowed and invented personalities who refuse to respect the ontological boundaries of the worlds they inhabit.
Moreover, the children are borne on the wind--"bei den Sprungen hob uns in den Huften der Wind" (12)--whereas the wind passes straight through the gaps in the company of nobodies, exposing the insubstantiality of this imagined community.
The swing between sexual omnivorousness (2003: 98) and insubstantiality (2003: 112) works like Marilyn Monroe's imagery in Warhol's series, simultaneously disembodied and sexually reified.
Ah, the insubstantiality of treasure they wisely surmised.
If Dutreil is not quite a latter-day Eugene Rougon, his testament to the insubstantiality of politics chimes well with the opening scene of Son Excellence, which homes in on the mood permeating the legislative chamber.
I've undergone a sea change, Judith felt, though the feeling was beyond words, as was the sense in her blood and in her bones of the sheer insubstantiality of everything.
For his point of departure, he brings into dialogue Diego Velazquez's Las Meninas and Miguel de Cervantes's famous burlesque sonnet on Philip II's tomb as bold examples of that demystification: both works point to the ultimate insubstantiality of the sovereign of official imagery--whether state portraits (such as Velazquez's own equestrian paintings) or monumental catafalques (like the one mocked by Cervantes).
Infringement either literally or under the doctrine of equivalents is the most common cases in patent litigation, however, it is a genuine issue required material fact, the court will request a particularized testimony and linking argument to the r insubstantiality of the differences ^ between the claimed invention and the accused device or process, or with respect to the function, way, result test to support a finding of infringement under the doctrine of equivalents.
The insubstantiality of the object of the self's desire is symbolized by the final displacement of the signifier when the girl with the golden hair and shining eyes morphs into a "wizened old hag" with no eyes, longing to be rescued from the world of desires (symbolized by the wind, rain, and fog of the "wild night") and be shut up in the repressed unconscious of the archive.