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Synonyms for insubstantial

Synonyms for insubstantial

Synonyms for insubstantial

lacking material form or substance

lacking in nutritive value


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Vacation voucher benefits are considered insubstantial if the contribution occurs in the context of a fund-raising campaign in which the charity informs donors how much of their donation is a deductible contribution, and either--
MICHAEL JACKSON'S THIS IS IT (PG, 111 mins) THE rehearsal footage of Jacko's ill fated tour is somehow insubstantial and thrilling at the same time.
Willy the Wizard is a very insubstantial booklet running to 36 pages which had very limited distribution.
When the troubled Blanche seeks shelter in her sister Stella's New Orleans apartment, Stella's brutish husband Stanley Kowalski relentlessly strips away the lies and delusions propping up Blanche's insubstantial dreams.
Such insubstantial sentences for young criminals perpetuate the anti-social behaviour occurring on our streets.
He has caused offence to the Labour Party by failing to support a consensus by city councillors of normally opposing parties concerning the not insubstantial sum of pounds 400,000 of rent that was waived to the benefit of those who manage the Ricoh Arena.
Article 12 will ask voters to amend the bylaws by adding special regulations that include definitions for insubstantial and substantial changes to expedited permitting sites.
Someone in Sydney worried about his insubstantial nature for a naturalistic heart located in roughly the right spot in the silhouette's chest now spookily fades in and out when he first appears.
In addition, further modifications to the agreement are permitted to allow for the negotiation of insubstantial terms.
But its overt lyricism and resemblance to the fiddle concertos of Sibelius and Barber have caused some to disregard the work as insubstantial.
This mounting configuration enables the measurement of fragile samples without damaging insubstantial surfaces.
By mid-January the A380 order book may have risen from the present, and not insubstantial, 129.
The chief problem was a lack of flavour and an insubstantial amount of salmon.
The result was a sort of insubstantial and diaphanous architecture of light and shadow, a wall from which materiality had been effaced and the idea of load-bearing voided.