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Synonyms for insubstantial

Synonyms for insubstantial

Synonyms for insubstantial

lacking material form or substance

lacking in nutritive value


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"Regarding the rest of the content of the aforementioned publication, the club will not address evidence of such an insubstantial nature," the statement added.
Vacation voucher benefits are considered insubstantial if the contribution occurs in the context of a fund-raising campaign in which the charity informs donors how much of their donation is a deductible contribution, and either--
It's easily Coppola's most accessible film to date and those 90 minutes fly by, but in essence it's just as insubstantial as the celebrity culture it attempts to send up.
Robot&Frank 89mins12A WHILE it's low-key and somewhat insubstantial, this quirky comedy earns a whole lot of points thanks to Frank Langella's bravura performance and its sly, just-below-the-surface subversive wit.
VTB said that the report was 'full of deceitful, biased and insubstantial accusations prepared by banking non-professionals.
Now I travel 46 miles a day the cost of which is not insubstantial - I am fortunate that I have subsidised parking, but this still costs me pounds 20 a month.
Now I travel 46 miles a day, the cost of which is not insubstantial - I am fortunate that I have subsidised parking, but this still costs me pounds 20 a month.
Maybe the 30-minute format wasn't long enough to properly explore the theme, as each story felt insubstantial, often with a hurried, unsatisfying resolution.
It will offer various substantial and insubstantial benefits to the company, business community and Bahrain.
They reminded the IRS that such organizations must lose their tax exemptions if they engage in "more than an insubstantial amount of any nonsocial welfare activity." Their request then proceeded to document the many ways each of these two entities is deeply involved with political operatives, political campaigns and with its own companion "527 Super PAC." Specifically, they noted that Crossroads GPS was founded with the aid of Republican strategists Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie who, in turn, helped form a 527 entity called American Crossroads.
Associated Newspapers and News Group Newspapers argued there was no strict liability breach, and the risk of prejudice was "insubstantial".
The council tax rises in North Tyneside and Northumberland are not insubstantial at a time when households are feeling the pinch already.
However, this will be delayed and insubstantial for us.
When the troubled Blanche seeks shelter in her sister Stella's New Orleans apartment, Stella's brutish husband Stanley Kowalski relentlessly strips away the lies and delusions propping up Blanche's insubstantial dreams.