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Synonyms for insubordinate

Synonyms for insubordinate

refusing or failing to obey

Synonyms for insubordinate

not submissive to authority

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disposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority

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insubordinately enjambed couplets during the preceding decade.
During another afternoon session concerning domestic and sexual violence, some participants suggested that a man was justified in hitting his wife if she had committed adultery, incited his jealousy by leaving the house without his permission, or even 'talked too much' (i.e., acted insubordinately).
The report concludes that members of the National Police acted insubordinately with regard to the country's laws and Constitution.
Irigaray's analysis of a male-based economy predicated on female exchange enacts Butler's claims that she cites insubordinately; in this essay, Irigaray reveals and insists upon the necessity of female exchange between men to what Butler would term the phallogocentric, heterosexual economy.
No month, and even no week, is to be set aside for the public recognition of poetry--poetry is to be ours every minute of every night and day, all the year round, insubordinately, insatiably, in secret.