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Synonyms for insubordinate

Synonyms for insubordinate

refusing or failing to obey

Synonyms for insubordinate

not submissive to authority

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disposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority

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In the early 1980s, Conrad began to make such thematizations of power explicit in pieces like Beholden to Victory, an "army film" that implicates its audiences in the dynamics of surly officers and shiftless, insubordinate privates.
He will never admit, and perhaps not even suspect, that his own insubordinate spirit and pernicious indifference are the great obstacles in the way of his proficiency and the proficiency of those around him.
I wouldn't count too much on the insubordinate youth bringing me down.
The third title in Alexandra Ivey's outstanding 'Guardians of Eternity' series and is the story of Darcy Smith's strange genetic legacy, a handsome vampire king called Styx, a handsome werewolf king called Salvatore Giuliani, and a roster of memorable characters ranging from an insubordinate gargoyle, a congenial goddess, a practical vampire second-in-command, and a werewolf mother that not even her daughter could love.
In response, Garoyian called for a party meeting and both men were ejected from the party for being insubordinate.
Moreover, Attorney General of Pakistan informed the bench during the hearing that the statements given by Khan did not insubordinate the judiciary.
His tireless work rate and commendable desire to win on the pitch constantly won him his rightful plaudits, but rarely has the line between model professional and insubordinate brat been so fine in the Premier League than with the man from Buenos Aires.
Al-Ahmari said the Labor Law emphasizes the duties of employers and employees, granting the employer permission to impose disciplinary actions on insubordinate employees, but regulating and stating clearly the form of such punishment.
When a thirsty Lebanese cow finds itself stuck on the wrong side of the Blue Line between Lebanon and Israel, an insubordinate cow-loving Indian soldier resolves to save it.
There was a group who dragged their feet and were insubordinate and I gave them a good b***king.
Atwell makes her entrance by punching an insubordinate soldier in the face and she embraces her role as the gutsy love interest with fervour, sparking smouldering screen chemistry with Evans.
Jeep was kicked off both for being, in the words of one commander, 'funny, but insubordinate.
I told him I was prepared to send out the mission statement so I wouldn't appear to be insubordinate, then I told him that as his internal communication director, that I needed to evaluate it for him.
The Romans tended to associate marriage with military indiscipline, fearing that relationships with women would make for soft, lazy, luxurious and insubordinate soldiers.