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Synonyms for insubordinate

Synonyms for insubordinate

refusing or failing to obey

Synonyms for insubordinate

not submissive to authority

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disposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority

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Opposite to people who are respectful are those who are insubordinate, rebellious, and contrary.
The authors contend that new practices, politics, and polities are emerging inside what they call "insubordinate spaces," as people enact new identities, identifications, affiliations, and alliances as forms of resistance, using insubordination, improvisation, and accompaniment as tools within concrete spaces and places, due to the subordination of democratic opportunities and aspirations in major social institutions through the privatization of public resources, the militarization of international relations, the commodification of all aspects of human interaction, and the mass criminalization and incarceration of specific populations.
As he breaks in some new recruits including an insubordinate former Olympic swimmer - he has to contend with a dangerous new drug sweeping the beach.
Jon Land's insubordinate, trigger-happy Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong is back again in another action-packed thriller in "Strong as Steel."
Where a plaintiff has alleged that the defendant's decision not to renew his faculty appointment constitutes a breach of contract, the defendant is entitled to summary judgment because the plaintiff engaged in a pattern of disruptive and insubordinate conduct.
LPG fired Curtis for being "insubordinate and disrespectful," according to Leiker and a defense court filing.
The sad part wasn't that that Nepal's first elected republican prime minister couldn't fire an army chief he thought was insubordinate. Nor was it Dahal's decision to resign in 2009, citing his refusal to kowtow to 'foreign masters'.
PNP chief eyes raps vs 3 insubordinate' cops !-- -- Rey Galupo, Emmanuel Tupas (The Philippine Star) - January 11, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde said yesterday they are eyeing administrative charges against three policemen, who accused a police official of physical assault,for refusing to follow orders during the celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila on Wednesday. says that "insubordinate" means two things.
After the slender win over Burnley in January, a teammate pulled Pogba upon his decision-making when, with tallied as insubordinate he has season Samuel Luckhurst United 1-0 up, Pogba had Martial free to his left and Romelu Lukaku unattended to his right as he hared at Ben Mee yet opted to shoot and had his effort blocked.
Her efforts seem to be haphazard and insubordinate, resulting in her being removed as SIO of the case.
Summary: Washington [United States], June 15 (ANI): Inspector General Michael Horowitz of the United States Justice Department said former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey's actions in the Hillary Clinton email investigation case were "extraordinary and insubordinate.
But due to his insubordinate behaviour, he is unceremoniously fired from the position and the duties to head the project fall on his younger brother Max (Jim Sturgess), who is a White House employee.
Diana's curiosity and insubordinate behavior ultimately creates the potential for Amazonian doom.
Also in the upcoming episode, according to the installment's ( synopsis , Rachel's (Meghan Markle) leadership is challenged by an insubordinate associate.