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Synonyms for instrumentation

that by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

Synonyms for instrumentation

the act of providing or using the instruments needed for some implementation

the instruments called for in a musical score or arrangement for a band or orchestra

the act of arranging a piece of music for an orchestra and assigning parts to the different musical instruments

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Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, Outlook of Global Analytical Instrumentation Market, 2019, is segmented by the product sectors of chromatography, molecular analysis spectroscopy, elemental analysis spectroscopy, mass spectrometry (MS), analytical microscopes, gas analyzers, liquid analyzers, and analytical x-ray instrumentation.
Major players included in the process automation and instrumentation market are ABB (Switzerland), Siemens (Germany), Emerson Electric (US), Schneider Electric (France), and Honeywell International (US).
* Instrumentation belonging to a tray that showed up the next day or a week later was either peel packed or put in random locations
"In the future, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 will create huge market opportunities for embedded instrumentation," he added.
Nicolas Villemain, division market development manager of Parker Hannifin Instrumentation Products Division in Europe, added: "We believe that such cooperative relationships between major players in their respective spheres will help establish new standards for performance, safety and cost reduction."
In this work, a current-mode instrumentation amplifier (CMIA) based on differential current subtraction is implemented using enhanced current conveyors.
This previous research revealed that more than one third of the new graduates were less prepared in the use of ultrasonic technology than they were with hand instrumentation. Additionally, over 80% of the respondents felt "very" or "mostly prepared" to use straight ultrasonic instruments as compared to only 53%, who felt that way about curved instruments.
Endodontic instrumentation is a common procedure in dentistry for teeth with irreversible pulpitis.
These were automotive electronics; medical/industrial instrumentation; telecommunication; office equipment; electronic data processing; control and instrumentation; and communication/radar.
"As innovators and collaborators, both Solvay and Medacta have been at the forefront of the trend toward single-use medical instrumentation. Despite the tremendous promise of the single-use concept for reducing the frequency of hospital acquired infections, concerns over increased waste have led to the perception that single-use instrumentation is less environmentally friendly than traditional systems," Bianca Shemper, sustainability manager for Solvay Specialty Polymers, said in a prepared statement.
JM Science offers a wide selection of atomic absorption lamps (AA Lamps) for spectroscopy instrumentation. The lamps are priced for budget-conscience labs where AA spectroscopy | instrumentation is used.
Metso said its new instrumentation panel makes control of automated process valves using pneumatic actuators simpler by providing a compact solution to enable users to achieve their objectives of efficiency and reliability when building up instrumentation functionalities, lowering the overall cost of ownership.
GLOBAL process automation and instrumentation market in the oil and gas industry is a fast developing market, which includes five segments; namely process automation, process instrumentation, process analyser, flow compute, and leakage detection system.The growth of the process automation and instrumentation market in the oil and gas industry in the coming years is expected to be significant, with the revenue growth estimated to reach $31.24 billion by 2020, growing at an estimated CAGR of 8.23 per cent from 2013 to 2020.According to a new market research report of "Oil and gas automation and instrumentation market -- global forecasts and analysis 2013 to 2020", the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.23 per cent from 2013 to 2020, and reach $31.24 billion in 2020.
Essentials of nuclear medicine physics and instrumentation, 3d ed.
Rototherm Group, which specialises in instrumentation for measuring temperature, pressure, level, density and flow, has acquired IRPCO Instrumentation - a process and control instrumentation business.
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