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Synonyms for instrumentality

that by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

Synonyms for instrumentality

a subsidiary organ of government created for a special purpose

the quality of being instrumental for some purpose

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Rather than focusing solely on the identification of gender differences, the present study explored relationships among gender, instrumentality, expressivity, and relational qualities in the same-sex friendships of college students in an effort to better understand gendered patterns.
But, whereas the trial court focused on the instrumentality causing the harm, the circuit court centered its analysis on the chain of causation and thus constructed a broader interpretation of the policy language.
The following papers prompt reflections on both the instrumentality that is integral to machinery, and on the instrumentalities wrought prior and subsequent to its manufacture, during conception, design, use, or later on display.
Under the IRS proposal, a governmental retirement plan would be a plan that is established and maintained for its employees by the government, an agency of the government, or a governmental instrumentality.
Authors of popular works like The Overachievers (Robbins, 2006) and The Price of Privilege (Levine, 2006) draw similar conclusions about the detrimental effects of instrumentality beliefs, describing the joyless and ultimately self-injurious behavior of high-achieving adolescents who demonstrate few personal interests, and only value school for its role in the college admissions process.
31) The court adopted the narrower core functions test and held that a government entity whose core functions are governmental rather than commercial is a "political subdivision" as opposed to an "agency or instrumentality.
Grantee is a college or university that is an agency or instrumentality of a foreign government or of any political subdivision thereof and uses the grant exclusively for charitable purposes; or
In light of current debates about art's social instrumentality, this approach is right on the money--and suggests that while Manifesta may be footloose by nature, the shoeprints it leaves could become permanent.
In the second stage of infringement analysis, claim application, the court determines whether any of the claims as construed read on the accused instrumentality (32) either literally or under the doctrine of equivalents.
Providing any device or other instrumentality for transferring money or other financial assets
An analogous facilitating or coordinating instrumentality for local progressive communities is a missing element (in the absence of well-established left parties and institutions in the United States), but because such an instrumentality has not existed, the activists are not attuned to its absence.
A series of studies investigated the role of three types of perceived instrumentality of a present task for an individual's goal orientation.
Consistent with the theoretical claim, regression analyses indicated that perceived instrumentality was a significant predictor of both intrinsic and extrinsic valuing, even when controlling for learning and performance goals.
The instrumentality theory enjoys something of a monopoly among the news media and is a veritable litmus test for membership in Washington's intellectual establishment.