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Generally overlooked are the many student and professional instrumentalists whose musical gifts similarly deserve to be showcased and acclaimed.
Here Harel does not explicitly argue that living at the mercy of the legislature may result in uncertainty, a less stable protection of rights or a lesser protection of rights--as this will be an instrumentalist argument of the kind that Harel rejects.
In my own study, I can attest to the different requirements of the vocalist and instrumentalist at the conception stage.
Moreover, while Sernett begins and ends this study on southern soil and offers a firm rebuke to instrumentalist perspectives on black religion, he provides insufficient evidence on black religious ideas and social practices from the vantagepoint of its grass roots rural participants.
Gourse, a correspondent for Paris's Jazz Hot magazine and the author of several award winning articles on women instrumentalists, has also written Sassy: The Life of Sarah Vaughan (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1993); Unforgettable: The Life and Mystique of Nat King Cole (New York: St.
Howard Brown sets the stage by emphasizing that the seeming rarity of sources of instrumental music is purely illusory: instrumentalists mainly played `vocal' music, and it is incumbent upon instrumentalists today to be more adventuresome in arranging Mass movements, motets, chansons and madrigals for their instruments-and not to shy away from mixed ensembles, for which there is plenty of non-musical evidence.
This is surprising, given the ample documentation supporting such Italian noblewomen as Isabella d'Este and Lucrezia Borgia as instrumentalists as well as significant patrons of bas instrumentalists; this lacuna is probably symptomatic of the type of extant documentation from German courts and cities.
The competition, organised by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland, took place in January at Bablake School where nine young people competed in vocalist or instrumentalist categories.
The Rugby band scooped the runnersup trophy and an award for the band with the best instrumentalist - making it their biggest success in their 119-year history.
Birmingham City Organist and the resident organist at Symphony Hall, Thomas Trotter (right), was presented with the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society Instrumentalist of the Year Award at the Dorchester Hotel, London, last night.
The sound of a live orchestra is augmented with tapes of two choirs, vocalists, and instrumentalist soloists.
During the one-hour service, individuals may participate in the singing of chants that are accompanied by an instrumentalist or recorded music.
That often almost stationary court dance (performed by Sam and Sam-Oeun Tes) was the centerpiece of Removed from the Palace, a collaboration between Sam, her husband, instrumentalist Sam-Ang Sam, and British modern dance choreographer Jonathan Lunn.
Special guest instrumentalist, Robert Bonfiglio on harmonica.
We also hope the other musician, whether they be an instrumentalist or a vocalist, has provided a reliable printed edition and has asked for the collaboration early enough that time is sufficient for both student performers to learn the music and rehearse multiple times.