instrumental music

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music intended to be performed by a musical instrument or group of instruments

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music produced by playing a musical instrument

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This is the first book of its sort specifically geared to teaching instrumental music in Canada.
She was an accomplished musician, playing several instruments, and kept her own collection (separate from her husband's), which contains only instrumental music (139 items, mostly sonatas and concertos).
The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music education programs in America's public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child's complete education.
Enjoy a more traditional Christmas with Make We Merry -A Baroque Christmas which draws together vocal and instrumental music from across the centuries in a programme to delight all Yule lovers, and Carols & Fanfares - a chance to sing along to your favourite festive flourishes
Backed up by the Quebec instrumental ensemble La Nef, this seamless program of music from the Italian Renaissance alternates vocal and instrumental music written in Rome during the reign of Pope Urban VIII (also known as Maffeo Barberini) from 1623 to 1644.
According to the company, Canada-based 3dB Research specialises in applying music intelligence to improve the quality and usability of vocal and instrumental music effects.
3dB Research is a top global developer of algorithms and software to enhance vocal and instrumental music effects.
The show will feature Herati vocal and instrumental music, along with the Afghan classical music that has been performed in Herat since the 1930s.
These courses often only have time for basic grounding, so Ely, professor of music education and saxophone at the University of Utah, and Van Deuren, a former high school and middle school instrumental music teacher, have compiled a resource of practical information to supplement this grounding.
From the very beginning of the "invention" of the history of Baroque music in Bohemia, instrumental music proved a particularly thorny problem for its chroniclers.
Tielman Susato and the Music of his Time: Print Culture, Compositional Technique and Instrumental Music in the Renaissance.
1 : a group of musicians who perform instrumental music using mostly stringed instruments
For obvious reasons, this challenge became especially pressing in the wake of the Franco-Prussian war, and then in the years surrounding the two world wars; less inevitably, it was complicated by the thrall in which Wagner held many French musicians--and of course poets, painters, and many others--and by the fact that for significant numbers of French composers the genres of "absolute" instrumental music, perfected by German and Austrian composers from Bach to Beethoven, offered the primary inspiration for purging French music of Second Empire frivolity and debased theatricality in the years after 1870.
If you like, 'guitar CD's' and hark rock instrumental music, this, 'cool trance metal' (I'm quoting Paul) is right up your alley.
Join a surprising tour of the iconic building and hear its story through vocal and instrumental music.
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