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Synonyms for instrumental

Synonyms for instrumental

relating to or designed for or performed on musical instruments


serving or acting as a means or aid

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Conclusion: Instrumental vaginal delivery was found to be safe and is the best substitute of the caesarean sections.
So while most literature in the previous decade emphasized the importance of ICTs for development by focusing on instrumental uses such as education and employment, it turns out that when people gain access to ICTs, they put them to all sorts of uses, intended and unintended, instrumental and non-instrumental (Burrell, 2008).
Key Words: Acquisition, Instrumental and Integrative Orientation, Motivation, Hogh and LowAchievers
The most successful instrumental group in the UK, by a country mile, was The Shadows, who scored a dozen top ten smashes between 1960 and 1964.
Paul Underwood's (Northern Cheyenne) latest effort is an instrumental tour-de-force.
Jon Banks's study, The Instrumental Consort Repertory of the Late Fifteenth Century, fills a significant gap in discussions of Renaissance music.
In the first part, he traces the devolution of modern jurisprudence from the traditional understanding of law--as a participation in universal norms and the objective character that it derived from this foundation--to the rise of characterizing law in instrumental terms.
During his 33 tenure, Bastable has played an instrumental role in building the firm into a leading, full-service commercial real estate firm.
Along with his Grammy nod for jazz instrumental album, individual or group (``Lyric''), Childs is up for instrumental composition (``Into the Light''), instrumental arrangement (``Scarborough Faire''), and instrumental arrangement accompanying a vocalist (Chris Botti's ``What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
If you are going to play a lot of today's rap, make sure it's the instrumental version.
Getting the Most Out of Mozart: The Instrumental Works (w/CD), by David Hurwitz.
They're the instrumental Brooklyn-based duo Ratatat, best known for the mess they're making out of rock and electronic music with their seamless blend of lo-fi hip-hop beats, baroque electro pop and arena rock guitar riffs.
David Hurwitz's Getting The Most Out Of Mozart: The Instrumental Works (1574670964, $19.
IN SPEAKING OF INSTRUMENTAL RATIONALITY, philosophers usually have in mind the rational requirement of taking the necessary means to our ends.
Employing impressive instrumental combinations as the dulcimer, recorders, a Celtic harp, and hand drums, Ancient Noels ($12.
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