instrument panel

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electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices

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LED ambient lighting placed seamlessly along the entire instrument panel and doors helps to differentiate by color between "self-drive" and "auto-drive" mode.
The instrument panel of the Ford Escape is the first to be moulded using the MuCell process, and is the largest part to date produced using this technology.
In order to ensure the safe integration of the passenger airbag, a polyester fabric was partially integrated into the injection-molded instrument panel substrate.
Intier has developed LED and electroluminescent solutions to display design cues on instrument panels, door panels and center consoles, along with the potential to illuminate console mounted gear-shifters and highlight various switchgear.
The design of the door matches that of the instrument panel in every element.
Microscopic cells are helping to save weight, and ultimately fuel in future Ford vehicles, starting with the instrument panel of the all-new Escape.
This marks the first award for instrument panels with Freightliner and we look forward to further enhancing the Western Star product line," said Mervin Dunn, CVG president and CEO.
In addition, the new instrument panel features a revised Human Machine Interface (HMI) design for the available dual-zone HVAC controls, an integrated sunglass holder and lower center storage compartment.
Visteon is supplying an instrument panel that enables nearly instant customization of the vehicle's interior by the driver to suit his or her tastes.
These are a TPE over talc-filled PP door bolster, which is launching now, a TPE over TPO door panel, and a TPE over TPO instrument panel, both of which will go into production in '06.
Instrument panel is a standard configuration of car, whose market scale is increasing stably with the development of the car industry.
The Frontier is supported by Visteon's integrated cockpit technology, combining the ruggedness of a hard mold-in-color instrument panel with the modern look of titanium-tinted accents on the dashboard and instrument panel.
The instrument panel and doors are covered with cast-skin foam-in-place trim that looks like a leather-wrapped, padded panel; it has low gloss and glare and is said to wear well.
If you see a difference in gloss levels between a door panel, an instrument panel and a glove box door you quickly and intuitively think about cheap plastic.
The Coupe Concept interior combines a performance-inspired cockpit with a luxurious passengers' space featuring a "double wave" instrument panel design, with large, violet-color gauge illumination and a dramatic, full-length center console.
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