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navigation of an airplane solely by instruments

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Caption: BELOW: Figure 10-13 in the Instrument Flying Handbook doesn't imply you can turn either way.
The Control and Performance Method of attitude instrument flying forms the foundation of instrument flying instruction across the Air Force and Navy, reinforced throughout Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) and formal training unit (FTU) equivalents.
NASA said the telescope acquired data at a rate of roughly one image every 5 seconds with resolutions approximately five times more detailed than the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) instrument flying aboard NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).
And I never hear mentioned the hidden benefit of all this newfangled stuff: It brings instrument flying up to a whole new level by bringing the pilot right into the panel.
During the course the trainees flew approximately 75 hours each on varied missions, which included advance handling, instrument flying, night flying, navigation and formation flying.
But in lest than a week he has mastered the basic controls and carried out his first solo flight, passed all his ground exams and started on instrument flying.
We also learn that Doolittle pioneered the procedures for instrument flying, demonstrated the importance of high-octane aviation gasoline for better airplane-engine performance, and earned a doctorate in aeronautical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
He said that instrument flying was a skill that needed to be practised to be maintained.
National Transportation Safety Board investigator Wayne Pollack said both were certified pilots but only one was rated for instrument flying.
Based on experience gained during WW II and in the transition to jet aircraft, it became apparent that Naval Aviators needed to improve their skills in instrument flying.
Then, of course, Lindburgh's transoceanic flight was another landmark as we began to shrink the globe over time and get into World War II following the lead of General Jimmy Doolittle in his pioneering work along with General Curtis LeMay and instrument flying.
It is understood the pilot was operating the aircraft under visual flight rules for daytime flying and that he was not licensed for instrument flying, which is the norm in darkness.
The FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 61-27C on instrument flying notes that PSD resulting from "flight into adverse weather conditions is regularly near the top of the cause/factor list in annual statistics on fatal aircraft accidents.
The reason the CAA are so strict about keeping instrument flying up to date is for exactly that reason.
Republic Airways first officer candidates must hold a Commercial pilots license, have 1,500 hours of total flight time with 300 hours in multi engine aircraft as well as 75 hours of instrument flying.
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