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Mills shows promise Alice Mills, who made headlines on 100-1 winner Tayarat over hurdles at Ludlow in February, rode her second winner under rules when Instructress took the lady amateur riders' handicap.
The crier then read from a paper in his hand, "She is intelligent, well informed, easy to communicate, a first rate instructress.
And Pi'ilani attains visionary powers second to none, even to her instructress Kawaluna.
This first act of guidance on Psyche's part anticipates the reversal of roles so often noted in discussions of Pearl, in that the Pearl Maiden, who appears to have died at the age of two (483), becomes the instructress of her father during their ensuing theological dialogue.
how desirable it is that an instructress in the art of singing should be possessed of scientific knowledge, a fine ear, and a cultivated taste.
Mills became the inaugural Physical Instructress for the WA Education Department in 1919 (Stewart, 1957), and is credited by Rikkers, (c.
As moral instructress, woman was in charge of the souls of her nucleus family which, in turn, emphasized the importance of her role within family.
Her father was Abel Jones, Professor of Agriculture, and her mother Bessie, was the university's first-ever dairy instructress.
He calls the theme or topos of the sexual instructress a myth so that he can assert its greater relevance than any Pueblo myth in the novel, and that is the end of it.
Socrates speaks of her as wise and knowledgeable on many subjects and his instructress.
Beryl's great ambition, "to become an instructress in the modern languages and higher mathematics" (217), is interrupted by her mother's dying wish that she "give up College, and study at home, where [she] can look after the comfort of [her] father and the children" (222).
Parsons speaks in half-sentences throughout, and the gym instructress yaps and barks (29).
KEY WORDS: Women and agrarian professional training, Female Section, Spanish development policy, Rural Graduate Instructress, Itinerant Classrooms, Rural and Farm Schools.
Then my instructress laid poles on the ground for me to jump at the canter, counting the strides in between.
In her 1840 'Recollective Preface' Porter adds to this by giving an account of 'Luckie Forbes', her 'chief instructress in these legends':