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Topsy had an uncommon verbal memory, and committed with a fluency that greatly encouraged her instructress.
11) Joan was married on 3 October 1907 and so her younger sister, Cicely, took sole responsibility as instructress and piano player for the organization of the January 1908 event.
Pearson has been a lay Carmelite for over forty years, during most of which, she has served as the director or instructress.
With her were Maud Lonsbrough (centre left) - mother of Olympic swimming gold medalist Anita Lonsbrough - who led the club for eight years when Mrs Kaye had a break after having two children and instructress Patricia Heywood (centre right).
British Horse Society instructress and trainer Stephanie bought the Connemara pony for PS1850 in Ireland in 2011.
Being a professional athlete, team member of a National team and consecutive Champion of Belarus in Sports Aerobics for 8 years, representing her country in the biggest sports events like World & Europe Championships and other National & International tournaments, Alena has made a big shift in her life when joined Hospitality industry in 2002 as a Fitness/Aerobics Instructress at Kuwait Regency Palace Hotel.
That Hamilton shares the Presbyterian values of this instructress is demonstrated by her overt endorsement of the principles they have inculcated in Denbeigh's daughters:
Mills shows promise Alice Mills, who made headlines on 100-1 winner Tayarat over hurdles at Ludlow in February, rode her second winner under rules when Instructress took the lady amateur riders' handicap.
The crier then read from a paper in his hand, "She is intelligent, well informed, easy to communicate, a first rate instructress.
And Pi'ilani attains visionary powers second to none, even to her instructress Kawaluna.
In his writing about food, he seems to hold a special association between women cooks and artistry: "I have once eaten, at the old White House in Strand Street [then the recognised Mecca of all who wished to taste good Malay cookery] where the coloured cook--my most proficient instructress in the art of making pancakes--used fish and eel flesh for the dish .
The little girl is "as unhappy as possible," "longing for the home she had left," and missing "the brothers and sisters among whom she had always been important as play-fellow, instructress, and nurse" (14, 16).
This first act of guidance on Psyche's part anticipates the reversal of roles so often noted in discussions of Pearl, in that the Pearl Maiden, who appears to have died at the age of two (483), becomes the instructress of her father during their ensuing theological dialogue.
Her father was Abel Jones, Professor of Agriculture, and her mother Bessie, was the university's first-ever dairy instructress.
Socrates speaks of her as wise and knowledgeable on many subjects and his instructress.