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After marrying Barbara (Bobby) Herrel in 1961, and then teaching at Illinois College, he assumed an instructorship at the University of Maine in 1955.
His assignments have included infantry unit duty in Puerto Rico; a Ranger instructorship in Colombia; an English instructorship at West Point; Military Assistantships to SACEURs General Goodpaster and General Haig; two tours in Vietnam,, including command of the 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry; command of US VII Corps; and, prior to his present assignment, command of US Southern Command in Panama.
You have won your preliminary heats--all those Modern Language Association convention interviews, on-campus visits, and instructorship experiences--and here you are in the blocks, awaiting the starting gun of your tenure-track race.
WPI said the Morgan family donations have also supported the Morgan-Worcester Distinguished Instructorship, scholarships and projects such as the Morgan Hall dormitory and renovation of the Washburn Shops building.
The tests indicated no significant difference in salaries between males and females with Master's degree or full professorship or associate professorship or assistant professorship or instructorship.
and deleted it angrily, wishing it was a piece of paper, so I could rip it up and stuff it into a trash can because that's what I'd felt like doing with my resume, my cover letters, all the bullshit I'd brought in hopes of a real job, of getting out of this instructorship I've been stuck in for seven years, this instructorship that pays just enough to live on, so we never go hungry, are never really absolutely short on money, but which makes it impossible to do the things we really wanted in life: like travel, or have a baby.
After his military service, he returned to Columbus and continued his instructorship from January to June 1919.
It was during this time that he met Marvin Minsky, who began his graduate studies at Princeton just as McCarthy was starting his instructorship.
Zukofsky would, two years later, get an instructorship at the University of Wisconsin, but in 1928, for Zukofsky, Williams was contact.
54)) Then as now, writing one's thesis on a recently dead and as yet uncanonized figure (Adams had died only six years before) was not the path to academic preferment, and Zukofsky was not offered an instructorship at Columbia.
Three years earlier, Max had been given an instructorship, which began an association with the faculty at Northwestern University that lasted until 1955.
While there, she also taught part-time and later accepted a full-time instructorship teaching undergraduate technical and professional writing courses and first-year composition.
Kurt Vonnegut, whose five novels and twenty year writer's career had gone nowhere, could be rescued from anonymity (and a desperately accepted $6,800-per-year instructorship at the University of Iowa Writers Workshop) by a three-book contract from Seymour Lawrence, who by virtue of his agreement with Delacorte Press had the latitude to sign on an author just because he'd been impressed with the liveliness of a book review.
Simon Felix Gallagher, was assigned by Baltimore, but he also took an instructorship at the College of Charleston partly because the congregation of St.
The objective-subjective continuum in Exhibit 1 is composed of an infinite number of positions, some of which would correspond to the following forms of instructorship presented by Dooley and Skinner (1977):