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and deleted it angrily, wishing it was a piece of paper, so I could rip it up and stuff it into a trash can because that's what I'd felt like doing with my resume, my cover letters, all the bullshit I'd brought in hopes of a real job, of getting out of this instructorship I've been stuck in for seven years, this instructorship that pays just enough to live on, so we never go hungry, are never really absolutely short on money, but which makes it impossible to do the things we really wanted in life: like travel, or have a baby.
After his military service, he returned to Columbus and continued his instructorship from January to June 1919.
Zukofsky would, two years later, get an instructorship at the University of Wisconsin, but in 1928, for Zukofsky, Williams was contact.
54)) Then as now, writing one's thesis on a recently dead and as yet uncanonized figure (Adams had died only six years before) was not the path to academic preferment, and Zukofsky was not offered an instructorship at Columbia.
The objective-subjective continuum in Exhibit 1 is composed of an infinite number of positions, some of which would correspond to the following forms of instructorship presented by Dooley and Skinner (1977):
Later, when Momma asked where he was going after his furlough, he told her he'd been recommended for a gunnery instructorship in the States.
of Theology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, since 1995, following an instructorship in Duquesne's Institute of Formative Spirituality, 1992-95, and an adjunct lectureship at the Institute, 1990-92.
Securing an instructorship at New York University in 1930, Hook worked with the Communist Party, authored defences of communism, kept something of an open mind with respect to the emergence of a Trotskyist critique of Stalinism, and eventually found himself assailed for his philosophical "revisionism" by the Party apparatus.
He worked his way up the academic ladder at Yale, beginning with an instructorship in German in 1891 and culminating in his promotion to Professor of Linguistics and Comparative Philology in 1900, a title he retained (with a five-year stint as Dean of the Yale Graduate School, 1911-16) until his resignation, tendered while on leave in Germany and occasioned by factors relating to World War I, in 1917.
Analogies to academic piecework here are clear: without tenure protections, temporary and adjunct faculty, especially those who appear dissatisfied by agitating for better working conditions, can be released at any time; moving from one adjunct position or instructorship to another, they incur large debts and are discouraged from being active in civic events; and the lack of a clear reward system diminishes the chance they will spend "free" time contributing to programs for the long-term health of their institutions or local communities.
Lionel Trilling was unable to get a teaching job for seven years, and then Columbia only offered him an untenured instructorship.
However, as she could find no position in this field, but was offered an instructorship in physiological chemistry at the Lilian Massey School of Household Science, she accepted the challenge and made a lateral move from physical to food chemistry.
A young go-getter, Wells was awarded an instructorship in economics at his alma mater in 1930.