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in an informative manner

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Not only do they attend to the role of black girls--both as real persons and imagined figures--in the larger processes of migration and segregation, they also boldly and instructively reject silence and invisibility as the final words on black girls and girlhood.
The ten pages of notes instructively amplify issues addressed in the chapters, and the glossary provides readers with what the authors take to be the meaning associated with key terms.
Raiser traces this latter understanding from an Aristotelian understanding of politics, which, as he instructively illustrates, Hannah Arendt, Jurgen Habermas and Paul Tillich have in their own ways extended in their writings.
In particular, the lives and behaviors of Higginson's fictive regional white women differ instructively from Wilkins's.
6,10] Although these focus a good deal on the status of the profession of psychiatry with respect to the MHPF, they also instructively address a number of its potential strengths and weaknesses.
More instructively, one of the best chapters in the book describes the regulation of steamboat boilers under federal laws enacted in 1838 and 1852.
A hopeful sign of such renewal is the recently published book by Catholic theologian Ryan Topping--faculty member of Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts in New Hampshire--which is called Rebuilding Catholic Culture, instructively subtitled as How the Catechism Can Shape Our Common Life.
Olson instructively points out both the theoretical drawbacks of fictionalism (in making sense of disagreement and moral inferences) and the practical costs of engaging 'fictionally' with morality.
Furthermore, he instructively adds, it "educates those who write airpower doctrine and serves as a filter against dangerous viruses" (p.
186) that Judy Chicago's Holocaust Project 'functions aesthetically, instructively and redemptively' actually mean?
Instructively, this is not the first time the two works have been posited in opposition.
Instructively, this approach unifies the dynamical and geometrical theories of gravitation for test particles and photons in static spherically symmetric gravitational fields.
Tat is, in Higginson's rewriting of the end of Hawthorne's romance, the literary treatment of civic myth differs provocatively and instructively extends our understanding of Hawthorne, Higginson, and evolving nineteenth-century U.
The effect of the second law is instructively portrayed by showing photographs of a teenager's desk area becoming disarrayed in time with use (Figure 1).
Crudely put, the idea is that there is one truth out there, but a variety of complementary (or instructively competing) disciplinary routes to it.
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