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in an informative manner

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Raiser traces this latter understanding from an Aristotelian understanding of politics, which, as he instructively illustrates, Hannah Arendt, Jurgen Habermas and Paul Tillich have in their own ways extended in their writings.
19) More instructively, the mission has consistently outlined its moral objections to sterilisation, contraceptives and condoms for contraception and HIV prevention.
Instructively, Viramontes stresses the intricate and ubiquitous relationship between race and class, as it moves to the foreground during the altercation:
Instructively, "virtually anything counts as an 'intelligible principle.
Instructively, the African immigrants run these businesses with no disturbance from their South African counterparts, revealing a remarkable spirit in a time when other parts of the country are engulfed in xenophobia.
Instructively, as the United States' most significant Africa program, AGOA does, indeed, present a baseline for a more equitably beneficial partnership.
Drawing upon his more than forty years of experience and expertise as a developer of businesses, Erdman provides his readers with a cornucopia of instructively illustrative stories enhancing his rock solid advice and insightful commentary.
He also applies it, quite instructively, to ethical debates about the end of life.
If one connected all the notional projects that might be carried out upon James Chandler's fruitful model in England in 1819, using the years 1790, '94, '98, 1805, '11, '14, '17, at each point the scholarship would plot an instructively tendentious "state of the state" as a proximate means to describe the public temper of literature.
The book starts off with a chapter instructively sketching conceptions of metaphilosophy proposed by Russell, the logical positivists, Oxford style ordinary language philosophers, and Quine.
Crudely put, the idea is that there is one truth out there, but a variety of complementary (or instructively competing) disciplinary routes to it.
Mazullo instructively uncovers thematic borrowings from Shostakovich's oeuvre represented throughout op.
Instructively this body of work was wholly produced from outside the academy--Australian history, let alone labour or political history, would not find a state-sponsored institutional home for decades to come.
Instructively, however, the lines to see medical specialists are much shorter: twenty days on average for a dermatologist, seventeen days for an orthopedic surgeon.
Apollodorus's later rendition instructively describes the beleaguered Thebans "gather[ing] together often to search for .
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