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a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it

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What we are trying to do is not only get the word out that the new instructions are what the Supreme Court wants everybody to use, but also get some feedback," said Judge James M.
In 2006, the Supreme Court Committee on Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases (2) embarked on a project to reorganize the standard instructions for civil cases because lawyers and judges reported difficulty, ambiguity, and overall dissatisfaction with the organization of the instructions.
This presents huge temptations to toy with items or start activities early, and either way students will miss introductory comments and instructions.
Then, they watched these videos as a self-modeling tool to improve their instructions.
To help readers follow the instructions in this article, we use two different typefaces:
Air Force 99-series instructions and regulations have historically allowed for the performance of qualification testing.
Health care consumers will learn to view the library providing access to high-quality consumer health information instruction as the source of considerable assistance in gathering the information they need to make good health decisions.
Since these accounts would only have significance for tax return purposes, adherence to the instructions may be inconsistent.
As basis for the evaluation, six principles of good instruction were used.
Specific instructions on filing an SAR to correct a prior report have been added in the "How to Make a Report" instructions at number 3.
CM is basically microcode that sits between the Crusoe CPU core and the surrounding instructions that are fed to the processor, including application, Os, and BIOS layers.
Students who did not pass their 8th-week qualification test were not dismissed but allowed to restart their firearms instruction with a new class of trainees.
Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification: Instructions to Form W-9 were revised to reflect the following changes: 1.
Eventually, he pared down to 32 the number of distinct instructions needed to control all operations within Tierra.
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